Jun 192021
My Angel My Life. #kbcADayWithDaddy #MihikaaAndDadda
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Posting this on behalf of my husband Nikhilesh Ghodke.

My daughter my life💕❤️💖💝

Well, it is so difficult to mention one memorable day with my daughter, because every moment that I spend with her is unforgettable.
However, the day I remember the most with her is when we brought our little angel home from the hospital.

When the nurse gave her in my hands I was spellbound. She immediately smiled 😊at me. My joy knew no bounds. We were in the hospital for about 3 days and the day when we were to come home; I had planned a huge surprise for my wife and our precious bundle of joy. I had decorated the house to welcome both of them – one my heart and the other my heartbeat 💗.

This moment was extremely special for both of us because, 9 months before when my wife told me that we’re going to have a baby, I had mixed feelings – I was elated and scared at the same time as we had a miscarriage just 2 months before that… and I had to be happy and strong so that my wife could be happy. I used to wait for every sonography date to see our little one and to listen to that heart beating so fast💗.

Days went by and months went by too. Both of us always wanted a baby girl. And in the heart of hearts, I knew that God will bless us with a daughter. And yes our prayers were answered by God in the guise of a cute little angel – my wife’s replica.

One very funny moment I remember is when my angel was going to meet us any moment – during my wife’s labour. The doctor called me inside the OT to motivate Khyati as she was getting tired. When I went inside, I saw the crowning and due to the anxiety I had, I just couldn’t understand what was happening. When I went outside, I told my mother-in-law that it’s definitely a boy because I saw lots of hair on the baby’s head during the crowning. She didn’t say anything then. But after our angel was born she narrated the incident to everyone and we all had a hearty laugh 😂

Then, we brought our angel home on the 3rd day and we had to have a photo session, and lo and behold, our little one was a natural poser. She also held my finger that day and I can’t express that feeling in words. So this was the most memorable day I spent with my daughter.

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