Aug 152020
Why do elephants have a long nose?#kbcKaadooMonkeyTales

Monkey tale!

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This story is being shared as my entry for the #kbcKaadooMonkeyTales contest!

I was enjoying my vacation at my nani’s place in Patna. And it was the day we were going to visit the Sun J Gan D Boat Animal GARDEN! I didn’t know why they had such weird name. Anyways, we were going to the ZOOoooooo!

“Sanjay Gandhi Botanical Garden”

Patna Zoo, Bihar

Nani bought our tickets and we were waiting for our tour car. Fortunately, we got the back seat in a TIGER car, perfect for the view.

The first animal we saw was a leopard with black dots all over its body. One boy in our car asked, “Mumma, why do they have black marks on their body?” His mother replied “Because God made them so”.

But according to our guide that was not all. The leopard must have got bored of his plain yellow coat and thus asked  his friend to do some spray painting. So, his friend did a SPLAT and a SPLOT and that’s how the Leopard got his SPOTS!

Next we saw a Hippo. He had a big mouth and biiiig butt with which he would just eat and fart. And that’s what he did all day, like a lazy lad.

We moved ahead and saw elephants big and small. Have you ever wondered why do elephants have a looooooooooooong nose? If your answer is YES! then you need to visit this ZOO. The tour guide here is really clever.

The story goes…. because one baby Elle was so curious as to what crocodiles eat for dinner that she got too close to it. The crocodile then bit her nose and Elle tried to escape but instead the nose got pulled and stretched into her trunk. It was one interesting story, but NO! I don’t believe everything that adults tell us.

We also met a giraffe named Gerald who loved to meddle. His neck was not always so long. Once, he had a neck just like a cow and he grazed grass from down. Well according to our guide, he stuck his head in a hole dug by a mole. His friends had him pull for 3 days full, and that’s how a long neck became a new trend among all giraffes.

Let me tell you this ZOO is really amazing. We got to see great animals which we see in books and on top of that the tour guide is an expert. He has great knowledge for our curious minds and beautiful stories to make it a complete paradise.

There were hyenas and fox, macaw and peacocks.

Be it an emo or ostrich, there was so much you can’t miss.

The lion and tigers side by side resided, one roared and the other one responded.

We saw zebras and deer each opposite to our track, we gave them fresh green leaves for a quick snack.

There were bats in the bat house and snakes in the snake house with all the varieties that I couldn’t even differentiate out.

The chimpanzee and baboons had put up a circus. Sometimes I wonder why make such a big fuss?

And a monkey tale is so incomplete without a tail. So, to end this story I ought to tell, how a monkey stole our food without any fail. This monkey tale indeed turned us pale but I am glad this trip didn’t go in vain!

Monkey tale!

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