Mar 262019
Uday’s first few books!
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I wish I were a Pirate; Smriti Prasadam-Halls, Sarah Ward; Bloomsbury
Zoo Train, Lakes Press A Very, Very Scaredy Cat; Lisa Kerr
Where’s My Mummy? In the Jungle; Melanie Joyce; Igloo Boooks

I bought these first few books, based on certain recommendations made by the lady at the book store (in Sydney). I hope you get these books online or in India too!

I wish I were a Pirate

Zoo Train

A Very Very Scaredy Cat

Where’s my mummy? In the Jungle.

Colourful books attract toddlers. Always!

We bought these books, based of the attractiveness of the book, in the terms of the colours and the simple language used. These books are easy for a 10 month old baby to hold and play around with. The colours attract the child, and encourage them to explore the books more.

Toddlers love hidden surprises in books!

Uday at 22 months old, still reads and enjoys these books. By now he recognises a few characters, identifies the sounds mentioned in the books and at the same time is excited about the “surprise” element in the books, every single time we read these. When I say surprise elements, I mean the flappy pages, pop out tabs that further connect into a train, and tabs that can be pulled.

Books are calming for Toddlers

Books are the only medium that help my excited little toddler calm down and sit down for a bit. These have also helped us in building a reading routine.

I would love to know your child’s first few books!

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  1. i still love the hidden surprise elements sumira!!!! in fact, i’ve saved ini’s flap books and love going thru them again!! we raided our neighbour’s collection and they have some absolute gems. stay tuned…


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