Dec 142018
Review: Moo Baa La La La!
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Moo, baa, la la la!

Author: Sandra Boynton

Board Book

Age: 0-3 years

We bought this book in April 2008 and the cover shows it!

This is the first book I bought my childoo after moving to Goa. She was just 3.5 months old when we moved and thankfully by that time I already had many gifted “my first books”.

When she was about 9 months old, a children’s book exhibition came to town. I had never been more excited! I deposited baby and baby bag with my husband while I frantically looked around for some interesting board books. Moo, baa, la la la was the first book that caught my eye and even after 10+ years it’s with us! It’s now stuck together by tape as it split into two (check image above), but I’m so emotionally attached to the book, more than my childoo is, so I haven’t donated it to a children’s library, yet!

As the name suggests, Moo, baa, la la la is a little story about animals. The board book has very cute and attractive illustrations of animals. Each page has one sentence with maximum 8 words so it’s super easy to read and super easy to memorize by both parent and baby! The most interesting part is how you say the sound of the animal which always made my baby laugh and imitate as she grew up.

For my childoo and me, the most memorable part of this book has been the sing-song way in which we’d read it together. We improvised the “Three singing pigs say la la la” to “la la la la la” and only now when I sat to write this review did my childoo (now 11 years old) point out that we changed the script and hadn’t realized it all these years! Do take such creative liberties to make reading aloud more fun!

The last page is an open ended question, “it’s quiet now what do you say?” – when we would read it at night, we would say, “Good night” :). Other times, “thank you”. This, of course, can keep changing…

The book says ‘serious silliness for all ages’ – what an apt tagline to have for all of us would always giggle while reading this book in a funny, catchy sing-song way. Yes, I shall do a read aloud for the benefit of new parents!

I found this book a very engaging way to introduce animal sounds early on, before we graduated to ‘touch the button to hear the animal sound’ kind of books!

Some other board books by this author are A to Z, Doggies (every dog loving childoo must must have this one!), Opposites, Blue Hat Green Hat, But Not The Hippopotamus, The Going To Bed Book , Pajama Time and Horns to Toes. Hippos Go Berserk! is perfect for number/counting obsessed toddlers! Fuzzy Fuzzy Fuzzy! is a touch and feel book. Happy Hippo, Angry Duck is one of the best books to introduce feelings to a toddler.

All of Sandra Boynton’s books are available here on Amazon.

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