Dec 142018
Review: I’m Not Butter Chicken
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I’m not butter chicken

Author: Paro Anand

Age: 11 years+

I bought this book at the stall at Goa Arts & Lit Fest (#GALF2018) for three reasons:

  1. Paro Anand was around doing sessions so I wanted to get an autographed book for my childoo.
  2. I have never read a book of “teen stories” -which made me very curious. I read the synopsis and wanted this book for my tween who behaves like a teen! 
  3. The title is so intriguing! [Tip for aspiring authors – the title needs to make you pick up the book and read the synopsis immediately!!]

I got the book signed, came home and started reading the title story.

I read the first few paragraphs, and forgot I was a mom. I suddenly time-travelled back into my teens. And felt exactly the way Nitya (the protagonist) did. Her emotions became my emotions. Which means, Paro has the gift of truly capturing what teens feel. She has captured Nitya’s loneliness so well, it tugs your heart and emotions as you read along. The confusion, the anger , the tears and the constant feeling that everyone has abandoned you.

This story reminded me of my difficult teenage years. How I wish I had read something like this! How I wish I didn’t throw so many hissy fits. How I wish I felt that someone understood me ! All I can do is hope and pray I have the wisdom to deal with teenage issues as a mom who has “been there, done that, and more!”

What’s interesting is at the end of every story, Paro has shared a paragraph on ‘Where this story came from’. To me, this is an amazing way of connecting to your reader!

‘I’m not butter chicken’ is not just meant to be read by teens. It should be read by parents as well so they understand what a large role books can play in their children’s lives. How books can inspire and be incredible companions, especially during difficult phases.

My tween has started reading it as well.

Other books written by the author are The Tree with a Travelling Heart, The Secret Diary of the World’s Worst Genius, School Ahead.

Paro Anand is known for writing about difficult topics for tweens and young adults. All of her other books are available here on Amazon. Being Gandhi is her latest release.

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