Feb 272021
Poem – Meet My Friends
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I am posting this poem on behalf of my daughter Prisha Ambi (9 years old). She has written this poem as a part of subject culmination at her school on the topic Character Sketch based on the books she has read so far. It’s a tribute to main characters of the books. Book titles are mentioned in the square brackets.

Meet My Friends

Books are keys, to wisdom’s treasure,
Books are gates, to lands of pleasure

Books are paths, that give, upward lead,
Books are friends; come on let’s read

Melody has, a million words, in her mind,
She has, cerebral palsy, but is bright, as sunshine!  [Out Of My Mind]

Elizabeth, is the naughtiest, girl in the class,
Who, has a heart, as clear, as a looking glass!   [The Naughtiest Girl series]

Esperanza, who had sadly, lost her father,
Worked harder and harder, and did not let go, of her mother  [Esperanza Rising]

Charlotte, is smart, as well as, caring,
Wilbur, is cute, and always, sharing    [Charlotte’s Web]

When, Pari, didn’t want, to share her BFF,
She later realised, that sharing gives, friendship more strength  [Best Friends Forever]

The three Fossil sisters, worked hard, to succeed,
Showcasing, their special talents, to proceed   [Ballet Shoes]

When Lucy Callahan, was struck by lightning,
She got genius math powers, that made her enlightening [The Miscalculations Of Lightning Girl]

Matilda, the extraordinary reader, can move things,
Now, she is flying, like a bird, with wings  [Matilda]

Annemarie, saved her friend Ellen, with bravery,
She helped her, to escape, from the Nazi slavery   [Number The Stars]

Shri Krishna and Arjuna, had great, conversations,
Which, still give us, thought provoking validations  [The Gita For Children]

~ Prisha Ambi

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