Feb 272021
Review: Kama vs Yama
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Title: Kama vs Yama

Author: Devdutt Pattanaik

Type: Paperback

Age group: 5 – 8 years

What a fun book this is. Important lessons of balancing fun and work taught so effortlessly with a twist and depicting our mythological characters of Kama and Yama.

Jayshree is a very good and disciplined girl who only works all day and there is no fun in her life. Even her parents feel that she needs more fun. 

One day, She comes across both Kama – the god of dreams, fun and birth and Yama – the god of destiny, discipline and death. They both try to convince her to choose one of the two gods and in the process tell her many stories that we have heard of like – Shekhchilli, Rajabhoj, Gangu Telli, how Shiva married Parvati, etc.

In the end she decides to choose both as we want a bit of both in our life to maintain balance, yet handle that balance with responsibility – this is also the moral of this story. 

We loved reading this wonderful book by none other than Devdutt Pattanaik told effortlessly, it’s a story with a moral for children aged 5-8 years and includes anecdotal reference to so many phrases and stories that we hear everyday. You must read this one! 

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