Jul 222023

Review: Shiva and Parvati in Magadhpur

Do Gods and Goddesses descend from the heavens to mingle amidst the mortals and test us?
Author Rachna Chhabria’s wonderful chapter book tells a tale of one such instance.

May 212023

Himavan, the lord of the mountains, had glorious wings under his snowy cloak which was a design mistake by Bramha. Hence, when he was to be wed to Mainavati, it was established that he would never expand his wings.

Feb 272021

Review: Kama vs Yama

What a fun book this is. Important lessons of balancing fun and work taught so effortlessly with a twist and depicting our mythological characters of Kama and Yama.

Jan 022019

Review: Hanuman

Book: Hanuman Publishers: Om Books Hard book Ages: 0-4 years This book is such a wonderful introduction to Indian mythology. I bought this book when my boy was only five months old. Yes, I still…Continue Reading