May 212023
Review: The Tale of the Naughty Flying Mountains
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Book Title: The Tale of the Naughty Flying Mountains (A Puffin Chapter Book)
Author: Anand Neelakantan
Illustrations by Doodlenerve
Publisher: Puffin (20 March 2023)
Type: Paperback
Pages: 48 pages
Recommended Age Group: ‎ 6-8 years

This chapter book is for beginners and takes one on a tour of mythology filled with humour and beautiful illustrations, along with a moral to the story. 

Himavan, the lord of the mountains, had glorious wings under his snowy cloak which was a design mistake by Bramha. Hence, when he was to be wed to Mainavati, it was established that he would never expand his wings. But then there was also the question of the children inheriting the wings from the dad, which proved true. So Himavan and his wife Mainavati, ensured the kids kept the wings under the wrap. 

But due to mischievous Narayana chaos was ensured and everything went downhill.  

Grab the book and read the full story to know how the hills lost their cute little wings.

My seven-year-old, an avid reader, loves mythology and couldn’t stop laughing, grinning, and screaming while reading the book. She was awe-studded with the cute little mountain babies in the book and loved the read thoroughly. She only knew Narayana to be the son of Brahma, but while reading the book, she browsed the internet to find out about Himavan. 

The book’s language is simple to read and understand, and the illustrations are astounding. Recommended for all those who love mythology or would like to explore mythology, but yes, with a tadka of mischief and laughter. Narayana, Narayana!

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NEW RELEASE – MARCH 2024: The Tale of a Naughty Prank is the next book in this series. Prachi, who received this book as a review copy, has shared some inside pages with her review here in our fb group. Excerpts:

Anand Neelakantan has done a wonderful work with this book by bringing mythology to the kids with funny twists. The story is about Narada playing a prank on Kubera and using Lord Ganesh in the process. It is a funny and naughty tale where children are introduced to how Narada is always upto some mischief, how Kubera is a miser and how Lord Ganesh has a huge appetite! Not just this, there are cute parts that show Goddess Parvati’s motherly love for Lord Ganesh.

I loved the simple language of the book and how some words are highlighted as they might be new for the children. That reminds them to ask for meanings. Ishani could read the book on her own with ease.

All of us, from our generation, probably are reminded of Narada Muni’s ‘Narayan Narayan’ (from Ramanand Sagar Ramayan), this was my chance to introduce Narada Muni to Ishani and I said Narayan Narayan in the same musical tone as the character in the Ramayan I watched as a kid!

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Disclaimer: Snehlata is part of the #kbcReviewerSquad and received this book as a review copy from the publisher via kbc.

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