Jul 092020
Review: Big Bully And M-Me
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Book: Big Bully And M-Me

Author: Arti Sonthalia

Type: Paperback

Age group: 7-10 years

Thank you Kids Book Cafe for running the KeepCalmAndReadOn reading campaign and sending us this lovely Duckbill hOle book by Arti Sonthalia as a prize.

As the title suggests it’s a story about a boy who stammers and gets bullied at school. The fact that he is short and skinny make things worse for him on the playground. Things seem to go for a toss when the bully and the bullied come together as partners for an extempore speech competition at school.

However there is a twist in the story – one that will show kids that, what appears to be weak can be really strong; that there is more to people than what our eyes can see. There is a fighter in all of us, we just need to believe in ourselves.

For the younger ones (6-7 years), an adult can read with them or definitely discuss the book once the child is done reading, so they understand these finer points.

I believe this is a topic that all kids and parents must be sensitised to. The support that parents, teachers and classmates can be, for kids who face such issues, cannot be underestimated.

The chapters are kept short, the illustrations are really nice, the characters and plot are what every school-going child will identify with. Since my daughter loved the illustrations she even read the profile of the illustrator.

A must buy!

My 7 year old daughter is a huge fan of Duckbill hOle books and read the entire book by herself. In fact, this is the first book she has read entirely independently! I saw her reading it over breakfast and before going to sleep. That night she stayed up late to finish it and immediately after finishing it, she picked up another hOle book we had just bought!! After that, I actually took this book and read it to see what interested her so much. I’m so happy that she is hooked to these books!

My daughter’s favourite page in the book!

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