Aug 282020
Review: Hungry To Read
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Title: Hungry To Read

Author: Arti Sonthalia

Type: Paperback

Age group: 7-10 years

Thank you for the online writing contest held by the reading community Kids Book Café and dear Asha ji (founder of KBC) for coming up with such enjoyable contests. We are happy to have been a part of the #kbcBFFContest and delighted to have received the book Hungry to Read by Arti Sonthalia as a reward.

Asha aunty, a special thanks comes to you from my daughter, not only for the contest and book but also for sending the post “addressed” to my daughter’s name. Trust me, she was more than elated and was jumping out of joy. She felt special. Thank you for your dedicated efforts.


Well, coming to the book review, what can be more satisfying than seeing your kid engrossed in a book and leaving you (the parent) with a good, wholesome “me-time” and some silence? Nothing, right?! So, the book Hungry to Read by Arti Sonthalia did exactly that and thanks to the author from my side.

My daughter is someone who has till date never stuck to a single book at a time, leave alone genre. She likes mixing it up, reading different books and genres at the same time and importantly narrating the same or discussing (also read, incessantly talking) it with me page after page, which is why we end up finishing a book way too late. It’s her way of devouring books and it’s absolutely fine until she doesn’t bother me to remember the page or character, we discussed last (sigh!). With that brief, I reiterate that the book, ‘Hungry to Read happens’ to be her first one-sit-read wherein she didn’t involve me into the picture. Glad and grinning!

First thing that hooked my daughter was the colorful book cover by illustrator Sumedha Saha and one glance into the index, she saw the title “Drama Queen” and lo, there she was lost into the book!

The typesetting made her feel light about the book. It makes for an easy-breezy read. I would suggest this for kids who are transitioning from picture books to chapter books.

As for the story, the plot is simple, straight forward with little sprinkle of humor here and there. It’s about a reading competition between two classes with an exciting prize awaiting at the end. And importantly, how this boy named Arjun, who hates reading (but loves Maths) tries (does he?) to contribute that makes for the story.

The mere curiosity of knowing the result is an added point to keep you hooked. As noted before in one of the books (Best Friends Forever – read my review here) by the same author, I love the way another story or cue to look for another book is cleverly stitched in the plot. This makes the kid curious and look out for the book (or fact) mentioned.

I personally felt there can be more to the detailing of the plot as this book has made my daughter “hungry to read” wanting it not to end.

May be a sequel could be thought of on detailing regarding the parts on books read and the night stay! Curious kid here with lot of questions and imagination! So yes, go grab this book for your kiddo if you are looking for a quick and light read.

More importantly, if your kid is someone who fusses about reading and feels there’s no book that interests him/her, then this is the go-to-book for your kiddo to start with as the book’s protagonist here feels the same and later finds out there is certainly books of every kind for EVERYONE!

Other books by this author in this genre of school stories are Hungry to Play (read review here) and Big Bully and M-Me (read review here).

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