Mar 252023

Review: Nimmi’s Crawful Camping Days

Mr Bakshi, sends Nimmi’s class to a team-building camp on the outskirts of Mumbai, hoping that the students will learn to work together.
Instead, Nimmi’s classmates are convinced that a serial killer is on the loose, and they fear potential vegetarian-hating cannibals roaming about. In this chaotic setting, Nimmi’s lumpy sleeping bag takes on an unprecedented starring role.

Dec 302019

Mr. Oliver’s Diary

Book: Mr. Oliver’s Diary  Author: Ruskin Bond Type: Paperback  Ages: 10+years What readers like about this book: It’s a hilarious book for both tweens and adults. All the characters are quirky. Reading it makes you…Continue Reading

May 172019

Half The Field Is Mine

*Editor’s picks of the month on Amazon Book: Half The Field Is Mine Author: Swati Sengupta Type: Paperback Ages: 9-12 years What readers like about this book: Not many Indian books are about girls and…Continue Reading