Nov 142023

Review: Mahalaxmi Will Go To Mysore

Grade II is going on a class trip to Mysore, however, Mahalaxmi’s parents refuse to send her as they find the expense “unnecessary”. Ira comes up with an idea to help Mahalaxmi.

Apr 262023

Review: Chitti’s Travelling Book Box

The surprise that Chitti had brought turned out to be books that none of her friends were interested in. But, Chitti is a determined and creative girl who finds ways to spark her friends’ interest in reading.

Jan 212023

Detective Small and the Mystery of ‘The Thaali’ [Review]

Jamie’s elder sister is getting married in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. First the bride’s engagement saree went missing and later the place caught fire! A team of the best detectives was hired to find the missing thaali but Jamie trusted his friend Nisha the most.

Jul 142022

Want to Escape School with Sachit? [Review]

The Great Escape is about Sachit who wants to escape school because it is a beautiful day outside and there is nothing exciting at school of course. Ever heard about bunking off early from school? It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but Sachit is determined.

Jul 042022

Review: Gupshup Goes to Prison

Gupshup, the cat, has committed a crime no doubt, but she was not sentenced to imprisonment. Rather she willingly goes and jumps into a jail. And poor Khalid is faced with the task of bringing her back home, that too before his mother returns back from work.

Feb 042022

Review: Chumki And The Pangolin

It’s a beautiful story which gives the message of courage and empathy.
The book describes the tough times faced by the villagers during the pandemic.