Jan 022019
Review: Hanuman
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Book: Hanuman

Publishers: Om Books

Hard book

Ages: 0-4 years

This book is such a wonderful introduction to Indian mythology. I bought this book when my boy was only five months old. Yes, I still have it now that he is five years and this time he reads it to me instead.

“Mumma, I am Hanuman. My favorite sweet in ladoo.” My boy cheers.
This book is extremely simple and very easy to read and understand. It has a few words description in one line on each page. Each line describes Hanuman in simple language.

The pictures are just wonderful! This is what makes it really attractive for young ones. So much color and animation depicting the little boy, Hanuman. 

Our story book even has food stains and crayon marks because we used reading as our eating activity too. Sometimes I would sit him down on the highchair for a meal and give the book for him to look at. 
For young infants and toddlers hard covers are the best. At least they last for some time and survive  the drops, throws and food spills.
This book wonderful way to introduce out Gods in a fun and creative way. Other books in this series which are based on Gods are Shiva, Ganesha and Krishna. You can collect them all and read on special festive occasions.

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