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What’s everyone reading in the New Year…?
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We don’t ring out the old, we love re-reading our old and new books at kbc! Sharing some of the awesomeness our members keep sharing in the fb group!

Priyanka shared this brilliant review for 4 years+. Quoting her,

As New Year has set in, this is my wish and goal for 2022. I want to try to become a PURPLE PERSON. If I were to chose that ONE Book that could tell me how wonderful words are, in conveying what and how I want to convey to our children, in a way that is so beautiful, creative, respectful, adds a humor, encourages and celebrates you to be YOU, gets in the family dynamics together, most importantly values the importance and motivates you (it does me every time I read) to become – A PURPLE PERSON, it’s this Book. As they say, pictures speak a lot more than words, I can only say over and over again, how incredible and impactful picture books have become for us, they are not only meant for children spanning a particular age, they really can motivate us as adults to look within, to drive us in wanting to get in alignment with our real selves, in wanting to become a purple person.

Achira, has an interesting one to share! Quoting her:

Book Name: Butterfly fairy’s secret

Written by: Fran Evans

Every time we talk about fairies we think they are all ‘she’! But why so? Can’t a boy be a fairy? I have two boys- the elder one is in that phase where anything pink, girly is not for him. He chooses to ignore how much he loved peppa and played for hours with his cooking set. Well ..I am fine with it because that is what I can expect from an 8 year old! Luckily my younger man is totally open to the idea of being called doll, wearing pink, being called Lola, so I picked this book since I realised we hardly have any girly ones and well I needed one for myself 😁.This book has a secret of its own!!

Let me take you to this fairy hill where you will find fairies of all kinds. And it is the harvest season so they are all very busy collecting nuts and berries and woods and building up their stash for the winter. Among them is our little butterfly fairy who is only looking to spread her wings in the warm sunlight. And when the golden light falls on her, she decides to fly away. She meets a woolly caterpillar who is trying to build his caccoon and she is so affectionate and concerned that she starts helping him. This doesn’t go down well with the queen bee fairy who bars her from helping the caterpillar since they needed to save up all the food! Soon winter comes and the fairyland is covered with snow. Much to their dismay and horror the fairies realise someone is stealing their food. Everyone thinks it’s the caterpillar. Soon butterfly fairy and grasshopper fairy ( who is a boy) fly to find the caterpillar who has just come out as the most beautiful moth! He helps them to find the thief who was a mouse and all the fairies are overjoyed. Butterfly fairy’s love amd warmth towards the caterpillar made him return the favour. One act of kindness goes a long way – this is what the fairies learnt! A story where we found a “boy grasshopper fairy”, we found love and friendship and beautiful illustrations to explain the life cycle of a caterpillar makes this book very special!

Why I Love The Moon for 2- 5 years

Mr Wuffles! for 0-5 years – Tejaswi gifted this to Asha.

Open Very Carefully – A book with bite (an interactive book for 1-3 years)

Maisy Goes To The Hospital

Hospital (First Time)

Peppa Pig Goes To Hospital (2 – 4 years)

Mr. Men Little Miss go to the Doctor (Mr. Men & Little Miss Everyday)

USBORNE Lift-the-Flap My Day for 3-5 years recommended by Achira for toddlers who need to understand a routine and the importance of time.

Duck in the Truck by Jez Alborough – Quoting Shailaja: “My little reader loves Jez Alborough’s Balloon and Duck in the truck too for their easy short sentences with one verb each. What can I say, she likes her verbs said right!” You can find all of Jez Alborough’s books here.

Jabari Jumps for 3-5 years. Recommended by Priyanka. “Here comes a book with a beautiful story, to boost up confidence and help unleash the courage that our children might need time and again. The narrative is simple, the Redwoods illustrations, beautiful and the message, powerful.”

Redwoods by Jason Chin for 4-8 years. Mona Sharma highly recommends this book.

People who love nature must checkout Redwoods by Jason Chin. It is an amazing picture book with mysterious sequence of events happening to a boy who finds a book about redwoods on a bench. I liked the concept of different timeframe blending. The boy leaves the book on a bench after he finishes reading or I must say experiencing it. What a lovely message conveyed – let’s share the awesomeness with everyone.

The Calm Book by Alex Allan for 5 years+

Footpath Flowers is an award winning wordless picture book that Divya gifted Asha.

The Long Way Home

Paula the Vet (Julia Donaldson Songbirds Phonics Books)

Many of the Mister Men and Little Miss books are at great deals!

Mr. Slow

Disney Pixar Awesome Adventures for 3-8 years

The Good Indian Child’s Guide to Eating Mangoes by Natasha Sharma for 3/4 years+. Amardeep who hates mangoes just loved this book. Excerpts from her review post in the kbc fb group where she has shared inside pages:

I loved loved loved reading this book! And, so did Neil. He couldn’t stop giggling through the book, and was literally drooling! It’s tough to describe the beauty of this book through words. The format the author has chosen, of how best to eat a mango in 7 very hilarious steps, is so unique. It takes you through steps of how to find the perfect mango, how to know which variety it is, and of course how to eat it (and whether to share it or not, and how to save your skin if you accidentally ate someone else’s mango!). Just reading the book, makes you feel like you are eating a mango, and makes the whole experience of pressing a squishy mango, having the juice all over your face come alive. If you, your child, your family members like mangoes, please get this book. It will make you roll on the floor in laughter, dream about the next mango season, and plan how best you can eat the first one you can lay your hands on!

Nat Geo Kids: So Cool: Frogs (So Cool/So Cute) for 3-7 years

Something’s Moving for 4-6 years from Karadi Tales

I’ve an Uncle Ivan for 3 years+

Hello Lighthouse for 3-6 years – Winner of the Caldecott Medal 2019.

What Jobs Could YOU Do?: Discover all kinds of exciting and important jobs in this fun-filled and aspirational picture book!

Engibear’s Dream for 5-7 years

Coral Woman: Dive into the Majestic World of Coral Reefs with Uma Mani! 4-8 years

Sadiq Wants to Stitch by Mamta Nainy for 7-9 years – an acclaimed picture book on busting gender stereotypes.

Captain Cat and the Great Pirate Race (Captain Cat Stories) for 6/7 years+.

Science Squad by DK for 5-8 years. Achira has ordered this one. She has also shared a review and inside pages in the kbc fb group.

“The book is a perfect introduction to STEAM- science, technology, engineering, arts and Mathematics! If you are looking to introduce all this to your childoo, this is just that book. Science is logic and logic is there in everything around us. That is what is beautifully explained in every page in this book. What I liked the most is the variety of topics this book covers in the simplest way. Whether it is the solar system, the water cycle, weather, forms of matter, food web, rain forest, senses or climate change this book has it all. Machines, measuring, floating or sinking, friction or human body, it has touched upon everything in a wonderful way. And the beauty is you get it all in one book, so when you are travelling you can just take this one science squad and you are sorted. Look around and any questions you have- science squad to your rescue.”

LitJoys My Gulmohar Tree – Educational Story Book for Kids to Build a Love for Nature – Trees and Greens (Vegetables) (Ages 3 to 5 Yrs)

RHS The Magic and Mystery of Trees for 5 years+

KING FLASHYPANTS is a hilarious series for 6-8 years. Tejaswi gifted one of the books to Asha.

Steve Parish Kids Story Pack (40Titles) – Apoorva Sridhar was gifted this set. In her words:

Shourya (4.5yo) is obsessed with animals and so Grandma did some researching of her own and gifted us this set of 40 books containing short and simple to read fact filled fiction stories 🙂These are a super duper hit with Shourya as they contain breathtaking photographs of Australian wildlife fusing in subtle moral stories which instill positivity in young minds.The font is large and appealing for emerging readers and just the pictures are an absolute delight for younger babies !!


A Short, Illustrated History of… Medicine (says 9-12 years but this is an illustrated book of 48 pages)

WHERE’S WALLY BOOKS BY MARTIN HANDFORD – perfect to pour over for hours and hours playing iSpy. 4 years+ for even adults will love these books!

Bookworms & Jellybellies by Ranjini Rao & Ruchira Ramanujam. Khushboo recommends this for 6 years+

We have loved this book and have tried many recepies esp when my 8 year old wants to have something “fancy”. He washed and cut the fruits and helped me churn the fruits after they were frozen, the toddler also helped us in eating the fruits while cutting and chopping. I would highly recommend this books for 6+ kids who love to help out in the kitchen and want fancy food.

Sacajawea (The Jacabee Readers: the Adventures of Dooley, Abby and Baldy) for 6-8 years

Bin Weevils Choose Your Own Path 2: The Mysterious Silence of Scribbles . Bin Weevils Choose Your Own Path is another series for 7 years+

Fiend of the Seven Sewers: 4 This is a series called NOTHING TO SEE HERE HOTEL for 7 years+

Imagine You Were There… Walking on the Moon for 7-9 years

Willy Maykit in Space for 8-12 years

Billionaire Boy by David Walliams for 9 years+ . Achira recommends this one.

How to Teach Quantum Physics to Your Dog by Chad Orzel

INDIA CENTRIC BOOK – Turning the Pot, Tilling the Land : Dignity of Labour in Our Times for 10 years+


Gratitude Journal for Kids: Feel Grateful No Matter What. Achira has this one for her son.

CocoMoco Kids Travel Scrapbook Travel Journal for Kids

Travel Journals for Kids

Creative Writing Journals for kids


ORIGAMI BOOKS recommended by Shipra & Sharav!

TOGETHER WITH BE AN ARTIST books recommended by Punidha!


201 Sight Words And Sentence (With 800+ Sentences To Read): Activity Book For Children


The Kids’ Book of Sudoku 1 (Buster Puzzle Books) 

Kindergarten Sudoku: 4×4 Sudoku Puzzles for Kids (for 4-8 yrs)

Easy Sudoku Puzzles 1 (Dora the Explorer)

Table Book: Tables 1 to 40 – Krutheeka recommends the yellow cover one by LS Editorial Team

Cambridge Primary Books
Singapore Math Books
Kumon Math Books

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