Jan 082022
Do you love your name?? I do… he doesn’t! [Review: WeirDo]
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Author: Anh Do

Illustrator: Jules Faber

Publication: Scholastic

Type: Paperback

Age group: 6+ years

Do you love your name? I absolutely love mine. I am Divit Bhowmick – I am eight years old and today I want to tell you about Weir Do..ooops I mean this book WEIRDO!

I have read a lot of books, and I especially like funny books a little more than others. If you like funny books too, this book is going to be the perfect read!

The hilarious storyline had me laughing my head off in no time! I liked it a lot because of the twists and turns and the belly-bursting jokes that Weir Do cracks! Shall I tell you what I found really amusing? THAT HIS NAME WAS ACTUALLY WEIR DO, say it faster – WEIRDO, yes! I can think of more names like this – Jo Kerr, Sew Agee, Pan Dah and many more.

Let me tell you a little more about the story here. There was a young boy called Weir Do who always used to get bullied at school. His name was his biggest problem and shame. He sometimes thought, “My parents could have named me something else.” He longed to have a cooool name. And then a strange kid named Henry comes to school, who happens to be more strange that Weir. When the whole class was detected with hair lice, everyone thought it was Henry who got it. But Henry proves everyone wrong and becomes a hero. So it wasn’t him after all!

Be ready for more twists and turns in this hilarious, belly-bursting story!

Since Weir Do loved drawing I made a sketch of him.

There are lots of funny jokes and pranks in this book! So be sure to enjoy this funny, glorious tale about a young boy called Weir Do!

There’s a sequel! – WeirDo #2: Even Weirder! And now there are even more books in the WeirDo series!

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