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Review: All-Time Favourites For Children
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Title: All-Time Favourites For Children

Author: Ruskin Bond

Type: Paperback

Publisher: Puffin

Age group: 9 years+

This review is being posted on behalf of my son Ashay.

When we talk about Ruskin Bond’s books, what we visualize are lush green nature, mountains and a beautiful countryside. Along with the picturesque backdrop equally are interesting stories. Although Ruskin Bond is famous for children’s literature, his books are equally engaging for adults. We received one such book from Kids Book Café for review.

When I was told I would be getting review copy of Ruskin Bond’s book, I knew there was a treasure trove of marvelous stories to be devoured. This book consists of 25 amazing stories. The stories are so real and fantastic that we very much enjoyed reading them. The illustrations are very good and also, very realistic.

The stories are written in such a realistic manner, that it feels as if the stories were unfolding in real just in front of our eyes.

I liked the story “Boy Scouts Forever” the most in this book. I liked it because I loved reading the part of how Ruskin ordered the boys to make an all Indian sweet and sour jam-potato curry (in short, Bond bhujji).

Another story which is equally enticing is “Ranji the music maker”. The part of the story in which Ranji was playing the flute and all the stray cats and dogs gathered around him was mesmerizing. That shows so much of pure love.

The story “The Travels with a Mora” is about the author of this book, Ruskin Bond and his adventures with Mora, which included catching the express to Bombay, staying at a seedy little hotel in Lamington road, and a sea voyage from Bombay to England.

Another of my favorite stories is “Miss Kellner and the Magic Biscuit Tin”. It is about Miss Kellner, a woman in her late sixties, and her magic biscuit tin, which was never empty.  Every time anybody would open it, it would be full of biscuits: ginger biscuits, cream crackers, biscuits with sugary tops, cream-filled biscuits, chocolate biscuits, cheese biscuits. I wondered how would it be like to own a magic biscuit tin like the one in this story 😊.

Many other stories like  “The Haunted Bicycle”, “The Great Indian Rope Trick”, “Friends from the forest” and “A Long Time ago in Delhi” were equally addictive and amusing.

I would rate it 10/10 and a must-have book for every child and people who are bookworms because it is a simple and enjoyable book 😊.

Ruskin Bond has other books in the All time favourite series.

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