Jul 062022

Review: Listen To Your Heart

This book is about how many hardships Mr. Bond had to go through in his life in order to become an author. How one thing led to another, and how he became the most celebrated author of all times.

Dec 302019

Mr. Oliver’s Diary

Book: Mr. Oliver’s Diary  Author: Ruskin Bond Type: Paperback  Ages: 10+years What readers like about this book: It’s a hilarious book for both tweens and adults. All the characters are quirky. Reading it makes you…Continue Reading

Mar 112019

Death Under The Deodars

Book: Death Under The Deodars: The Adventures Of Miss Ripley-Bean  Author: Ruskin Bond Type: Hardcover/Paperback Ages: 10+ years What we like about this book: It’s a thrilling mystery book for tweens & teens like no…Continue Reading