Jun 252023

Review: All-Time Favourite Nature Stories

This book is a collection of Ruskin Bond’s very favorite nature stories ranging from ‘The Cherry Tree’ to ‘The Tunnel’ and many more such 25 beautifully written stories.

Apr 172023

Review: My Name Is Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a boy in his pre-teens. He is an adopted child and sometimes he ponders over this one question, “Why did my birth parents leave me for adoption?” He embarks on a journey to find his birth parents so that his questions can be answered.

Mar 032023

Review: A Complete History of India

Starting from the ancient civilizations that flourished in India thousands of years ago, the author takes the reader on a journey through the various dynasties, empires, and movements that shaped India into the diverse and vibrant country it is today.

Jun 022022

Review: The Kailash Temple At Ellora

As the name suggests the book is about Kailash Temple at Ellora. The author explains in the detail about the architecture of the temple, who built it, how many years it took and it also tells us about gods and demons in their stories.