Sep 072021

The Boy Nurse #kbcPinkooShergill

There was a boy named Ray and he desperately wanted to become a Nurse, but during his time boys were not allowed to become Nurses. People thought it was job suited more for females. But that was not true and Ray was about to change it.

Jul 172021

Adventures of Calico Sprat

When they were returning to the base, they heard a sharp cry. As they turned around to check, one of the men with them was lying on the ground motionless. Someone had killed him!

Jul 032021

The Crazy Two #kbcAPinchOfMagic

People called him Mado because he made crazy things, like a Fishing Rod – not just any regular one, but one that had three ropes attached to one rod. Why? Well, so it could catch three fishes at the same time. Smart right?

Mar 112021

Review : A Clown for Tenali Rama

This book revolves around two children named Sivakka and Basava, a magical chisel and hammer, who went back in time to the famous city of Vijayanagar! It is a mix of adventure, magic, history and all three put together makes it a good read.