Feb 242022
Super Seven Stories by Medhansh
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Medhansh is soon going to be 11 in couple of months and during his winter vacations with third wave hitting and going outside to play with friends was stopped he volunteered to work on this micro project. A project which asked him to write seven short stories in seven days!

It’s an absolute delight to see how this turned into a beautifully curated e-book for 5 to 8 year olds. The book is available of kindle (free for next 5 days) or you can buy it and read on Kindle app too. A humble request to encourage your kids to read this and share candid feedback , so Medhansh can further refine his writing skills and create more fun readings. Hopefully, your love & support will make him launch a physical book soon.

On behalf of Medhansh , I would like to thank the entire community of Kids Book Cafe for all the positivity and affection you have always showered on him. Asha, once again thankyou for this warm place to nurture our kids.

For those who wish to order the book from Amazon (kbc affiliate link),


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