Jun 252023
Review: All-Time Favourite Nature Stories
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Title: All-Time Favourite Nature Stories
Author: Ruskin Bond
Illustrator: David Yambem
Publisher: Puffin
Type: Paperback
Pages: 216
Age group: All ages above 10 years (the publisher recommends this book for 8-12 years)

Sharing this book review on behalf of my son Medhansh Dwivedi who is 12 year old and loves reading.

This is one of Ruskin Bond’s latest books it was a privilege to receive and review this book on behalf of Kids Book Café. It is a collection of Ruskin Bond’s very favorite nature stories ranging from ‘The Cherry Tree’ to ‘The Tunnel’ and many more such 25 beautifully written stories.

The author explains the natural features and the surroundings so well and with so much of detail that it takes the reader inside the book feeling everything from the light breeze to the rustling leaves. The book as its name suggests, has nature related stories and while reading you would certainly explore a lot on this subject.

Every story captures the attention of the reader so much so, that they will remain stuck to the book till they finish. They are curated so perfectly that I just wanted to keep reading them every night before going to bed. It makes me so jealous that Ruskin Bond lived through and saw the landscape mentioned in his stories in real. I am sure anyone who would read this would feel like living his life too. I must also mention that the book has lovely illustrations and that keeps up the interest alive.

One of the stories which I found quite interesting was ‘The Cherry Tree’. The story talks about a boy named Rakesh who is living with his Grandad. One day Rakesh was eating a cherry and spit the seed. Then he thought to plant that seed and he did exactly that.

The next year Rakesh saw a small plant growing where he had planted the seed and he showed it to his Grandad. He told his grandson to water it and in two weeks the cherry tree was visible.

The monsoons that year came early and it gave the cherry tree a growth spurt. Some days later when the tree was two feet high a goat ate all the leaves, but the tree stood strong. After the monsoon a woman accidentally cut the tree in half after which Rakesh gave up all hope. However, the next year the cherry tree blossomed, and it had many visitors like a mantis, a caterpillar and more. The cherry tree against all odds survived and blossomed.

So the story was weaved around to show how powerful and gritty nature is. It sure teaches us a valuable lesson.

Things I overall like about the book.

  • The stories are explained in a way that captures the audience’s attention
  • The language is not very complicated and is easy to comprehend.
  • I may be repeating it again, but yes, the landscape descriptions were quite vivid

I would recommend this book for all ages beyond 10 years and to all the nature lovers its a must read. Last but not the least thank you Asha aunty for letting me review this wonderful book.

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Disclaimer: Medhansh is a part of the #kbcReviewerSquad and received this book as a review copy from the publisher.

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