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Tiny Treats For The Ten Little Fingers! [Review: My First Words]
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Title: My First Words [Bookset of 15 mini board books]

Author & Illustrations: Penguin India

Publisher: Puffin

Type: 15 Mini Board Books

Age: 0 to 2 yrs

If you are looking to gift a new born a bookset, look no further. Here is the perfect choice!

These super cute bite size mini board books are too good to miss. These books expose your little one to variety of topics – 15 to be precise, such as, Vegetables, Fruits, Nature, Insects, Numbers, Clothes, Flowers, Pets, Toys, Animals, Weather, Sea Animals, Colors, Birds, Insects & Shapes with adorable illustrations. It’s an amazing way to introduce first words to the baby.

There are 5 representations on each topic, such as 5 different clothes, 5 different animals, numbers from 1 to 10 with dots symbolizing the count.

What stands out is the aesthetics of the whole design.

The books are in compartmentalized labelled stack with a magnetic closure. The books are super sturdy and chew-friendly as each page is easily 4-5 thick binds. There are also alphabets in both capital  and small letters printed on the inside panel of the cover, which is a great addition.

My initial thought was, it doesn’t compare to the Little Library sets. But then I realized, that is not the intention here. It’s a mix of play and learn. Babies could learn to match, stack, sort and coordinate on colors and pictures as well. The potential of the whole set is exponentially increased by the design.

My little one is not able to keep her hands off the box since it arrived. She loves taking out and putting back the books and learning to match the pictures from the book to that on the cover. We are going nutso over the books as well. We have to hug tightly if it is snowy weather, or scream our bow bow when we see our favorite Dog. We even try to pronounce Octopus as Actohehehe or admire the cute Dolphin and the hamster and many more such things.

Enjoy reading!


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