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Looking for Positive Affirmations? Here are some books our members recommend.
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Many a time we get a query around books on positive affirmations so we curated a post!

For 0-3 Years

Things that make me happy is a board book but the idea can be used to create your own book of 100 things that make each childoo happy 🙂.

Terrific Two’s: Positive Affirmations for Toddlers

I Am: Positive Affirmations for kids ( 0 – 4 Years )

I have read this one at a library to my lil one. It is nicely written, easy to understand. I would recommend it.

Amardeep Sodhi on I am : Positive Affirmation for Kids

I am Enough (0 + – adult)

I am Thankful: (This was shared by Anubhuti in her #kbcbookbingojr) and might serve as a positive affirmation. “A simple yet powerful book for reminding wonderful things in life of moms like me and is great on content, illustrations and gratitude introduction for kiddos.”

You Are Strong Board book for 2-5/6 years (10 pages)

For 3-6 years

pc: Priyanka

Priyanka Padmanabhan Recommends I Like Myself by Karen Beamont

This wonderful, inspiring book has so many positive affirmations that we at times, as adults, need to be reminded of.


For 3-7 Years

Khusbhoo Shah recommends The Wonderful Things you will be – the publisher says 3-7 years, but many of our members have introduced this book to their toddlers. This book is a must have in everyone’s personal collection. Most of our kbc members have this book. Suchika Sharma introduced this book early on to her toddler who loves singing and reciting it in the morning!

pc: Suchika Sharma

Princess Truly is an ACORN series from Scholastic for 4-6 years. These books are very easy to read and have positive messages which could help in building self confidence.

My Magical words ( 3-8 Years)

For 3- 10 Years

I think I am

Happy to be ME

Happy to be me series

For 4 – 8 years

Train Your Dragon To Love Himself: A Dragon Book To Give Children Positive Affirmations ( 4 – 7 Years)

ABC of Positive affirmations ( 4-12 Years)

Ayesha Rodriguez – has written some positive affirmations for brown kids.

For 5 years and above

A-Z Affirmation & Wellness Book for Kids (Age: 5 to 12 years) Hardcover – this gets ordered often

I Wish You More (5 – 8 years)

Goodnight Whispers this is something parents can follow! 

I can do hard things: Mindful Affirmations for kids (5- 11 Years)

Rida Dhawan recommends these 3 books:

I Like Myself

Be Who you were meant to be ( 0-8 years)

Free to be incredible me ( 5- 7 Years)

Many thanks to Amardeep, Sunita Tagra, Rida Dhawan, Priyanka Padmanabhan, Khushboo Shah, Divya for sharing their recommendations/reviews and helping us curate this post.

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