Oct 202021
Review: Avni And The Perfect Playdate

Title: Avni And The Perfect Playdate (Beaming Child Series)

Author: Charulatha C.

Illustrator: Rohan P. Anil

Type: Paperback

Age group: 5 – 9 years

Pages: 20

I was stuck in a situation where my daughter was feeling disappointed in every situation. She could only find problems and negativity. Initially I thought may be it’s just a phase, it shall pass too. Then I thought maybe it’s because of the whole pandemic situation where she is stuck at home and unable to learn from real life experiences.

Whatever the reason of this problem was, I had to accept the problem and find a solution for my 7 yo.

I tried talking to her many times and it did help sometimes. But then we got this book. It’s a complete game changer. This book really helps kids identify and understand different perspectives. It helps them understand that in many situations it’s easy to cry and crib but difficult to see reasons to be happy.

Avni, a 6 year old, cute little girl is going for her first play date without her elder sister Mira. She is super excited and was teasing Mira. She thought it will be the best play date ever. She reached her cousin’s place and plans every possible thing to make this play date perfect.

She thought of playing with dolls but she accidentally broke her doll’s head. Got into fight with cousins.

Then she thought of watching a movie together, but the power went off.

Then she thought of playing outside but it started raining.

What happens when it doesn’t go as per plan?

Did they end up playing together…? You’ll need to read the book to find out!

Takeaway of the book – Every situation gives one reason to be happy or sad. It all depends on you. I recommend this book for all kids in age group 5-9 years. We loved it completely.

It also has new words coloured to expand vocabulary.

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