Sep 152021
Review: Mira And The Recitation Competition
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Title: Mira And The Recitation Competition

Author: Charulatha C.

Illustrator: Rohan P. Anil

Type: Paperback

Age group: 5+ years for read aloud, 8+ years for independent reading.
(author/publisher recommendation: 6-8 years)

Have you ever had stage fright before? Is your child too scared to speak in front of a huge crowd? If yes, then this book, from the Beaming Child Series is just the right one for you.

Mira is a bubbly eight year old girl who is normally quite talkative but is very scared to speak in front of an audience. So it is not surprising that she gets goosebumps on her stomach when her teacher enrolls her for a poetry recitation competition. 

She tries to get out of the situation by first trying to convince her mom to talk to her teacher and when that doesn’t work she pretends to be sick on the day of the competition. 

Eventually Mira’s plan does not work and she has to take part in the competition. Do read the book to find out what happens next.

The book touches upon so many aspects in such a subtle and beautiful way. 

  • The bonding between siblings and how they are partners in crime in whatever they do. 
  • The fear in children that if they do a single mistake, the consequences will be huge like losing the affection of their friends or respect of their teachers.
  • The attention with which children (for that matter even adults) see each performance (analyzing every minor detail) before their own turn.
  • Finally it gives courage to children to face their fears.

The book is in an Indian context and hence it is very relatable. I feel that the spacing between the text could be improved as text heavy pages might discourage early readers. I really liked the concept of learning new words based on “Expand your word knowledge” section. The “Reflect and Think” section at the end is great to start conversation with our children.

I really enjoyed reading this book. Hope you enjoy it too!

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