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Review: Diya And The New Neighbour

Title: Diya And The New Neighbour – Beaming Child Series!

Author: Charulatha C.

Illustrator: Rohan P. Anil

Type: Paperback

Age group: 5 – 8 years

Well crafted characters and real life story

This book had my 7 year old daughter completely engaged and deeply engrossed with well crafted characters, colorful sketches and well balanced use of words. If you are looking for an interesting story narrating day to day events with new words for kids to learn and a message for them to carry for their life, this is the one to definitely read and own.

My daughter loves playing badminton and she simply connected and got interested in the book as she saw the cover page.

My daughter also loved the idea of making new friends, knowing common interests, etc. Her learning from the book as she describes in her language is “everyone should get a chance at least”.

As the title suggests, it is a story about a girl who gets a neighbour after a long time, not to the expectation though! Read and find out interesting events, common interests, apprehensions, etc between the neighbours and journey ending into a life lesson.

Do not give up without trying, try and you may surprise yourself and get much better than anticipated!

It’s a complete book with not only new words highlighted in red to learn, questions for recap and rethink to stimulate the kiddo’s brain, lively colours and interactive figures, but also an amazing and new concept of giving space for kids to try their skills with pen and write something of their own that they can own proudly. Simple and easy to understand language.

Looking forward to more books from the Beaming Child Series.

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