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A Hurricane of Activities your way with Weather and Storms with Zayn & Zoey! [Review]
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Title: Weather And Storms With Zayn & Zoey

Author & Publication: Zayn & Zoey Books (CURIOUS CONCEPTS PVT LTD)

Type: Paperback

Age group: 3/4-8 years  

We were so glad to receive this lovely book from Asha. 

It’s about weather and storms, something we observe daily. We see the clouds, the sun, rain and of course rainbows on occasion. My little one has so many questions…

Why does it rain, what is wind, how does rainbow form, why does it thunder, how does lightning work….? The list goes on and on.

This book is a perfect solution for answering all the questions. Our favourite is about the clouds, and their types. His favourite clouds are nimbussy (that’s what he calls them) as they bring rain. 

We read this book quite a few times over the last week. We also coupled it with quite a few activities. We made a windmill for the wind (we feel it, but we can’t see it so we needed a windmill to demonstrate!). We made cloud in a glass (set up with hot water in a glass bottle covered with lid filled with ice, then used deodorant spray for adding dust particles to form clouds). We also used shaving foam over water in a glass bottle to which we added blue color to show how it rains when clouds get heavy. The book also has a cloud activity which we did by adding drops of color in a folded paper and spreading it. 

We also made finger print sensory clouds with our fingers. 

All in all, a great book to teach all about weather to an inquisitive 3 year old. 

Ps: now he wants to see snow!!! 

Added by Asha: You can view all the activity videos and images Kausar has shared in the facebook group here!

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