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Ruskin Bond’s The Tunnel: Calmness in Commotion [Review]
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Title: The Tunnel

Author: Ruskin Bond

Illustrator: Priya Dali

Publisher: Puffin Books (An imprint of Penguin Random House)

Age group: 6 – 8 years

The name is Bond, RUSKIN BOND! Who isn’t familiar with India’s renowned and most loved writer- Mr Bond, who has been weaving magic for children through his captivating tales. His stories are like a warm hug of Nature and radiant like the winter Sun. We were delighted to receive one such gem for reviewing- THE TUNNEL, and it proved to be a perfect companion for a winter afternoon ( a huge thank you to Kids Book Cafe & Penguin books).

The Tunnel- is a breezy read for children in the age group 6-8 years who are new to exploring the magical world of Ruskin Bond. The story is about a young boy, Ranji, who would often visit the nearby village to witness the steam engine come out blazing through the tunnel. While walking through the village Ranji comes across Kishan Singh, the watchman’s hut. Amidst the tall evergreen trees, Kishan’s hut surrounded by marigold flowers and a vegetable garden is a pop of freshness. He shoulders the responsibility of inspecting the tunnel to safeguard both humans and forest inhabitants.

 Our favourite part of the story is the vivid description of the nightlife of the forest-the call of a barking deer, the cry of a fox, the quaint tonk-tonk of a nightjar, the rhythmic sawing sound of a leopard cutting through the trees. 

The story has the beautiful bond of friendship between Ranji & Kishan and the devotion of Kishan Singh towards his forest, delicately interwoven. The illustration by Priya Dali fascinates you even more and drags you closer to nature. 

This story will surely make you nostalgic about your train trips and leave you wanting to take one right away. We shared our train experiences and discussed the tunnels and also the flora & fauna of the majestic forests. A story that opens new gates of exploration is the best kind of story. We loved and lived it; grab your copy to experience the humming of the rails and the hissing of the smoke breathing dragon cutting through the darkness of the tunnel.

Happy Reading everyone!

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NEW RELEASE OCT 2023: Animals in the House another chapter book for 6-8 years (48 pages). Punidha has shared a detailed review and inside pages here in the kbc fb group. Excerpts: “This story is written based on Ruskin Bond’s childhood. I think many people like to have pets such as dogs, cats, fish, or birds, but Ruskin Bond’s grandfather was beyond this. He loved to take care of monkey, tortoise, python, and Great Indian Hornbill. Though his grandfather loved pets, his grandmother always had trouble having pets, but sometimes she also liked them. The stories include a monkey named Toto home and he was doing all mischievous activities but he was smart enough to fight with mice at night; a python (yes python!) who admired himself in the mirror in his cage; croaking frogs kept in a glass jar….”

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