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Review: Service With Guru Nanak
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Title: Service With Guru Nanak

Author: Chitwan Mittal and Sarita Saraf

Illustrator: Debasmita Dasgupta

Publisher: Adidev Press Pvt Ltd

Type: Board Book

Age group: 3 – 6 years

Growing up in a Sikh household, certain things become a part of your being, one of them is “Seva”- a core teaching of Guru Nanak. My grandparents and parents strived hard and still continue to try to unconditionally help others for no reason other than the fact that it gave them immense joy. As a child, watching them serve others without ever questioning what they would get in return, played a big role in shaping my thoughts, and I always wondered whether there could possibly be a book on this?!

Introduction to Spirituality

Yes! There is a book on everything! Service With Guru Nanak, is one of the most  beautiful books there can be to introduce your child to spirituality. The book talks about two main things, first that God is in everyone and everything, meaning you must love and respect everyone, and second, that because God is everywhere, you can serve God by serving / helping others. Each time you share a crayon, help clean the oceans, look after animals – you are serving God. However, don’t do these deeds in search of praise or reward, do it because they make you happy.

The illustrations are extremely beautiful and the language used in the book is very easy to understand. My five year old could very well relate it to everyday life, and we now have conversations on how no one can and should be treated differently, because God is there in all. 

The true essence of religion, in a non-religious way!

As a parent, my heart leaps in joy that such brilliant books are available, that convey the true essence of a religion, in a way that is completely non-religious! Ours is a mixed-culture household (I’m a Sikh while my husband is a Hindu), and while we strive to expose our child to a little bit of both cultures it doesn’t always happen, mainly because both of us are not extremely “religious”. But, we are both spiritual. And we both loved this book! My husband read it before me, and his exact words were,

“If Neil understands this book, our job as parents is done!”

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