Nov 012021
Looking for books to read on Guru Nanak and Sikh Gurus?  Here is an awesome list!
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One of our #kbcmembers Rhituparna asked about books on Guru Nanak that other parents had introduced to their children. What an awesome query to help us all find some age appropriate books just before Guru Nanak Jayanti! The list has been curated for you. We’d love to know your recommendations as well.

Sikh Gurus by Om Books editorial team: The life and time of ten Gurus (0-8 years) 

My Guru’s Blessing Set of 3 books ( 2-12 Years)

My Guru’s Blessing Set of 14 Books (2-12 Years) Bhavneet Kaur has this set and kindly shared a review. Quoting her:

pc: Bhavneet

My Guru’s blessings by Daljeet Singh Sidhu. These bilingual ( English & Punjabi) books are a great addition to my bub’s library. Each topic is a Good Values/ Morals topic, presented in a very short & crisp manner. It’s backed up by a quote from Gurbani, giving multicoloured benefits. Your kid will learn Gurbani slowly & steadily and the message is further imbibed into his/her mind because it’s said by our Gurus. Must have for spiritual believers. Non-Sikh readers can equally enjoy this book and get insights into Sikh preachings as it only walks through various good moral values. I bought set of 14 books, and the topics covered are enormous – from Donation to Kindness to Believing in all are Equal to taking guidance from God in every day life and so on…

When we started sharing recommendations #kbcMember Achint Sethi Kohli mentioned she has almost all the books listed here. In her words,

Great recommendations! I have almost all books mentioned here and they are all great. For starting – The gurus blessing series is quite wonderful at any age. So maybe start with that. Although, that’s not about Guru Nanak Dev Ji in particular but the teachings of all our gurus.

Service with Guru Nanak for 3-6 years (this is Amardeep’s detailed review and she highly recommends it for everyone!)

Guru Nanak the first sikh Guru Set of 5 books (3 Years +)

My little Sikh handbook 1

My Little Sikh Handbook 2

Sikhism (4-6 Years)

Amma take me to the Golden Temple by Bhakti Mathur (4-8 years). Bhakti Mathur’s Amma series needs no introduction. Her books come highly recommended and get ordered very often.

Guru Nanak the first Sikh Guru (6-8 Years)

Gurmat Studies by Ravinder Singh According to Achint “this book shows the meaning of mool mantar really nicely.”

Walking with Nanak is a book for grown ups. Quoting Amardeep:

Walking with Nanak allows you to quite literally walk with Guru Nanak. It aims to explore the places the Guru visited while also explaining his philosophy of life and how that impacted his family life. The travels described in the book are mainly limited to Pakistan, however what I loved about the book is how the author has painfully researched the gurdwaras associated with each of his travels and provided details about the condition of these after partition. As someone who grew up listening to stories from the other side of the border, and of references to gurdwaras that used to exist there, this book gave me an opportunity to do something my heart has always wanted to do – visit places and gurdwaras that I have heard my grandparents talk very fondly about.

Many thanks to Achint Sethi Kohli, Amardeep Sodhi and Bhavneet for sharing your recommendations/reviews and Divya for helping us curate this post.

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