Oct 212021
Celebrate Children’s Day 2021 the #kbcReadCycle way!
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It’s been over 20 months since we did our last edition of #kbcreadcycle. Blame it on the pandemic!! But we’re hoping we can celebrate Childoo’s Day 2021 in our signature kbc style!

Let’s build everyone’s personal library by being a part of it!

For the uninitiated, the idea behind #kbcReadCycle was super simple: share books you have loved and the children of your house have outgrown, with a younger child! That way, you will become a part of another kids book café childoo’s personal library!!

There have been learnings along the way and each time we have tweaked our peer to peer giving and sharing campaigns. We’ve realised the model that works the best is the one we used for our Secret Santa campaign: PAIR UP WITH ANOTHER PARENT YOU ARE COMFORTABLE SHARING/GIFTING BOOKS WITH! As in, two people will send a book to each other’s childoo.

Pairing up allows parents to decide privately exactly which books the other person’s childoo doesn’t have! It also removes the element of disappointment. It ensures every single participant has someone to share with!

The element of surprise may not be there. BUT, the personalised note will be 🙂


i) Comment on the facebook group thread if you’d like to participate (means you will send and receive – it won’t be a one way-street!). Clearly mention your CHILDOOS’ NAMES & AGES! If you live in a city where there are delivery apps (like Dunzo) then please mention your city so that you can pair up with another person from the same city – only if you wish to!

ii) If you see someone’s name up and you would like to pair up – please reply to their comment and ASK THEM UPFRONT! Anyone can pair with anyone!! Don’t feel shy 🙂.

iii) If that person agrees to pair up ie. you are paired up with someone, PLEASE EDIT YOUR COMMENT AND SAY PAIRED WITH XYZ so that members know “you are taken” 🙂 – this will help saving time and effort!! This way we can ensure it’s a transparent process. Everyone knows who everyone is paired up with. And who is left to be paired up with!

iv) Kindly exchange addresses in private with each other. No one else needs to be involved. Also please NEVER SHARE THE OTHER PERSON’S ADDRESS OR PHONE NUMBER WITH ANYONE ELSE. This will be considered a serious breach of privacy and any member who violates this rule will be removed from the group forever.

v) One request, let’s try and be inclusive and involve as many members as possible. You don’t have to stick to your #kbcBFF only 🙂. Also should you wish to pair up with more than one person, you are most welcome to.

vi) If you are new and don’t know any other members, please don’t fret – go through the list or request our moderator Divya to help you pair up with someone!

vii) We avoided doing our #kbcReadCycle during the pandemic as it was very risky to interact with courierwalas/delivery service app people or going to the post office. IMPORTANT: IF YOU ARE NOT COMFORTABLE SENDING A BOOK VIA A COURIER/DELIVERY SERVICE or you don’t have a book that your child has outgrown, YOU CAN ORDER ONE TO GIFT VIA AMAZON AS WELL. Budget: Rs 150-200. You can send a personalised note to go along, virtually!

viii) Don’t wait to send out the book – you can start RIGHT NOW as the Diwali mad rush will begin! Be sure to include a handwritten note inside telling the child who is going to receive it, what your child loved about that book! Mention #kbcReadCycle #ChildoosDay2021 to create a #kbcMemory! 

ix) Should you live abroad, kindly mention the country as we have lots of members who live overseas and if they belong to the same country they could pair up! The idea is to have FUN. So in the spirit of Children’s Day let’s stick to this purpose of being a part of each other’s personal libraries!

x) RECYCLE! Please feel free to send the book in recycled packaging! It’s cool to be environment friendly. In the past, we used all the amazon packaging we had at home :).

KINDLY NOTE: This is a peer-to-peer friendly campaign and kidsbookcafe.com will not be involved in/responsible for any logistics and won’t entertain any complaints.

Show some kbc community love over social media!

SPREAD THE WORD: Post a pic of the book you are sending over social media with HASHTAGS #kbcReadCycle #kbcChildoosDay2021 to encourage other people to join our facebook group and participate in our unique Childoo’s Day campaign! Don’t forget to tag our facebook group in your posts!

Upon receiving a book from another member, please:

Post a pic of the book you have received ACROSS ALL OF YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA (not just the kbc facebook group), using HASHTAGS #kbcReadCycle #kbcChildoosDay2021 – we need to create lots of buzz around our awesome campaign for maximum participation!! Don’t forget to tag our facebook group/insta or twitter handles in your posts!

After you have read the book, please share a mini review in the facebook group tagging the person who sent it to you – that way other parents get to know about the book. And your post becomes a #kbcMemory forever 🙂

Raising Readers Together!

At Kids Book Café our endeavour is to raise readers together through peer-to-peer recommendations.

#kbcReadCycle is a personalized, friendly, non-commercial community campaign to ensure all of us help build each childoo’s personal library.

We are trying to make it an eco-friendly campaign by encouraging members to send their pre-loved books in recycled packaging.

Special thanks to Anamika & Tarun of Nailbites for creating the #kbcReadCycle logo in a day in 2019.

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