Mar 222022
Understanding Emotions – Are Your Emotions Like Mine? [Review]
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Title: Are Your Emotions Like Mine?

Author: Chitwan Mittal

Illustrator: Shruti Hemani

Type: Hardcover

Publisher: AdiDev Press

Pages: 28

Age group: 3 – 6 years

Understanding emotions is one the most crucial things in our life. As adults we are mostly able to interpret how we are feeling and act accordingly, but for kids it is an absolutely different thing. 

What are emotions? Can we see them? Why are they so important? 

Well emotion is just a state of our mind that gets manifested into different behaviours. It is indeed very important for the young ones to understand why sometimes they are happy and then suddenly they feel like crying. Understanding their emotion is the first step in handling many tantrums and meltdowns. Helping define an emotion right from the young age can shape them as individuals capable of handling themselves in a far better way.

In this book, the author has beautifully explained the different moods that a child often experiences. Sometimes they are very happy, sometimes they are angry, sometimes they are too excited and sometimes they are scared! These all are perfectly normal and we as parents need to understand that like us these little ones have their share of good and bad days but they can not always express them like us. That is where this book comes handy.

The part I liked the most is where the author has given the reassurance to the young ones that your emotions are just like mine! Yes as an adult I also feel them…just like you. I understand you my little one, I feel you. I am right here for you, with you! We will handle this together.

This has been my mantra to handle a very emotional child of mine and I totally loved the way the book captures it. This indeed makes this book special.

How easy it becomes for the little souls to accept it when they know the adults also have such emotions and it is okay to feel a certain way. The message the author has conveyed is for all of us. When we feel overwhelmed with a certain emotion, we must give it time. Take a deep breath, have a good sleep and you will wake up to appreciate the beautiful world we live in. Live each day with a new light, a new zeal and life will be more enjoyable.

The absolutely amazing illustrations and the minimal text make the book very apt for young readers. This also gives ample chance to enact each page with the child to make it more interesting and relatable for the little ones. This is ideal for ages 3 and above. 

I also loved the handwritten note from the author which indeed touched my heart. Thanks to Kbc for providing this opportunity to review this amazing book.

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