Jan 152021
Review: A Fun Ride with Gulgul to Parapara
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Book Title: Gulgul In Parapara

Author and Illustrator: Ashok Rajagopalan

Publisher: Talking Cub, Speaking Tiger Books

Type: Paperback

Recommended Age: 5-8 years

This is a book that my 9-year-old daughter, Aanya read aloud to me (she insisted she would read it out to me), and the review is more or less hers.

This story is about Gulgul who travels to a few planets with her eccentric aunty and her cousin to collect keypock feathers.

Story in brief

This story is about a little girl Gulgul who stays on the planet Gr33N, which she calls GREEN with her scientist parents. Gulgul is invited by her aunt (father’s sister) Jinny to stay with her and her daughter, Dinny for a few days on the occasion of Dinny’s birthday. Once there, the adventure-seeking Jinny decides to take the two girls, along with Gulgul’s pet toy parrot Paru to the planet P4P4 P4P4 (PARA PARA) to find some rare keypock feathers. Dinny loves collecting bird feathers, and keypock feathers would be a good thing for her feather collection. Keypocks are birds that have beautiful feathers that change colours.

Parapara is made up of many planets and moons, and on which live a variety of birds. First, they land on the planet Greenpara, where they meet the bird Win King and her three children Coo King, Thin King and Blin King. As not one of them knows the bird language, they are helped by Gulgul’s mother, Megha’s invention, Squawkatoo that translates human language into bird language and vice versa. These birds tell them to find keypocks on the planet Pockapara.

Aunty Jinny with the two girls, in her flying car land in Pockapara. Gulgul meets Chum Key, a small bird who is injured. Gulgul promises to carry the little bird to her parents. However, they are all kidnapped by giant parrots, as big as horses, and kept in a cage.

Will they be able to escape the cage? Will they meet keypocks and get their feathers? Will Jinny, Dinny and Gulgul be able to get back home?


Like his other bestselling books Gajapati Kulapati and other in Gulgul series, Ashok Rajagopalan has brought his trademark humour in this book too. Aunt Jinny is funny and endearing as she squabbles with her brother. The birds on Parapara have a weird way of greeting people; they pluck hair and in return give their feather.

The story is full of adventure, the right amount of wackiness and fun. It teaches kids the importance of family and values like kindness and generosity.

My daughter’s words

Though I enjoyed reading the book, I feel it is more appropriate for young kids, especially 7 years old.

Having said, this book ticks all the boxes and kids would enjoy reading it.

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