Jun 152022
Nathan’s Summer Reading List for 5 yr olds #kbcBookBingoJr (4-7 yrs)
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Here is our entry to #kbcBookBingo2022 . I am posting on behalf of my son, Nathan (5 years) for #kbcBookBingoJr (4-7 years). Hoping our list inspires you to buy some books!

I have always wanted my kids to be avid readers and so we introduced books to Nathan as early as we could. There was a time when he would rather play with books than listen to them! But, with time he has come to enjoy read alouds a lot and bedtime reading is a must in our house. Now he has reached the stage where he has started to read by himself little by little. KBC has helped us tremendously in our reading journey. Earlier I would buy books randomly and some would be good and some not so great or age appropriate, but thanks to Asha and her team, book shopping has become much easier.
As it happens with kids, there are phases when they want to read endlessly and then there are times when they just don’t want to. Nathan was in the ‘no reading’ phase when KBC book bingo came along and thanks to it we are back on track with our reading.

1) Green coloured book: Don’t worry Little Crab by Chris Haughton
This book about little crab who is scared of trying new things, is a heart warming story with absolutely beautiful illustrations, which we loved reading. It definitely eases worries for little ones about the unknown and teaches them how they can do anything with confidence.

2) Book with Penguin character: What’s for lunch Papa penguin by Jo Williamson
This is a book about a penguin father-son duo and their expedition in search of food from different parts of the world. It is great for opening up conversation about food that animals from around the world eat.

This book can be ordered from Scholastic India via our kbc storefront as well. Scholastic India always has special offers on.

3) Tom Percival Book: Dream big, Little mole
Tom Percival books are a big hit with us, especially the bright feelings books. However, for this prompt, we picked up the book with little mole. It is an inspiring story which teaches kids how they can make a difference with whatever small talent God has given them, also it talks about how things might not always go their way and why it is important to not give up.

4) A book with Siblings: Charlie and Lola: But excuse me, that’s my book.
We love Charlie and Lola books because the content is so relatable and the words are written in a hilarious way, which is bound to have you hooked. This book is no different, and is about when Lola couldn’t find her favourite book in the library and how she deals with it.
These books also have prompt questions at the end of the book which help parents to open up conversation about how their child would deal with the given situation, which is an added bonus.

5) A book about School: The Pigeon has to go to school! by Mo Willems
This book addresses all the insecurities that kids face while starting school. The hilarious text and the superb illustrations make this book a must read for all kids. Nathan loves all of Mo Willems’ books and highly recommends them.

6) A Rib-tickling book: The dinky donkey by Craig Smith
This book with lovely illustrations and silly text that is bound to have you laughing from the first page. It is one of the funniest books we have and we absolutely love it.

This book can be ordered from Scholastic India via our kbc storefront as well. Scholastic India always has special offers on.

7) A book by an Indian author: Art is everywhere – Here, there and in trash by Aparna Kapur, Bijal Vachharajani
This is a lovely Pratham book which helps children to appreciate art around them while inspiring them to be creative. The book shows how everyday objects can be used to make beautiful things. They provide simple and easy DIY art and craft ideas which we can enjoy. With simple text it is one of those books that adults will also enjoy along with the children.

8) Award winning book: The Clever Tailor by Srividya Venkat (Winner of peek-a-book Children’s choice award 2018 and SCBWI Crystal Kite award for Middle East/India 2019)

The story is about a tailor from Rajasthan who makes beautiful clothes for everyone in his village but never manages to make anything for his family. One day he gets a beautiful piece of cloth and the story is about how he manages to make something for everyone at home with that single piece of cloth. A heart-warming read for all. [You can read the detailed review here.]

9) A book with a Female protagonist: Neelu’s big box by Nandini Nayar
Neelu has found a big box and is making a fort out of it. She is having so much fun with it that she accidentally falls on the box and squishes it. What happens next? A great book to teach kids that mistakes happen and how we can always make amends.

10) A book that breaks gender stereotypes: Sadiq wants to stitch by Mamta Nainy
We bought this inspired from Asha’s list. This book is about a little boy who loves to stitch. He lives in a community where men are expected to rear cattle and women do embroidery to earn a living. Would Sadiq be allowed to do what he loves or will he have to follow the cultural norms? An excellent book that teaches little ones about breaking the gender stereotypes.

11) Scholastic Book: Small Piglet looks for Mommy
This is from the scholastic early science collection. It follows little piglet as she goes looking for her mommy. All the books in this series are excellent to teach kids about various topics. It is apt from ages 3 and up but Nathan still loves it. We learned all about farm animals and their young ones from this book.

This book can be ordered from Scholastic India via our kbc storefront as well. Scholastic India always has special offers on.

12) Zayn & Zoey Book: Seasons with Zayn & Zoey
Zayn & Zoey books are a must have for children. These books are packed with information but are not too overwhelming. Nathan has loved all the books and does not get tired of reading them! And the best part is, I too end up learning something new about each of the topics! This one talks about seasons in the classic Z & Z style.

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13) Non-fiction/Encyclopedia: National Geographic Little Kids First Big Books of Animals by Catherine D. Hughes
This was our first encyclopedia. It gives fun facts about animals in different habitats with superb illustrations. It also has spot the animals activity on most pages which makes it very engaging for the kids.

14) Mystery/Adventure book: Wolfboy by Andy Harkness
This book is about wolfboy, who is looking for rabbits because he is hungry. And, when he can’t find them he goes from hungry to hangry to growly to what not! What happens when he finally spots the rabbits? Read it to find out! We read this in scary voices and Nathan loves acting it out!

15) Book on space/solar system: There’s no place like space: All about our solar system by Tish Rabe
This is from the cat in the hat learning library and is excellent for kids to learn about space as they follow cat and thing 1 and 2 on their space expedition. Simple facts presented in Dr. Seuss style make learning fun for the little ones.

16) Book on Festival: Yikes! Santa Claws by Pamela Butchart
What happens when a naughty dino runs wild, posing as Santa on Christmas? He eats up the Christmas trees, gifts and turns the town upside down, until the real Santa turns up and saves the day! A book with delightful illustrations that teaches kids how we can make things right.

17) A book about a Place in India: Miss Lee and the mosquito by Maria L Denjongpa
This book is set in Sikkim and talks about a girl who can’t sleep because of a mosquito. In their culture they have been taught not to kill anything (even bugs), so she is torn between the desire to just swat it or to listen to her friend. The story teaches kids about self control and non-violence.

This book can be ordered from Scholastic India via our kbc storefront as well. Scholastic India always has special offers on.

18) A book that talks about food: How did that get in my lunchbox? The story of food By Chris Butterworth
A book that talks about how food is grown, cultivated and processed to reach us. With lovely illustrations and simple text, it also teaches kids to be grateful to all the people who toil hard to provide us the food we eat. An absolute must for inquisitive 5 year olds.

19) Bilingual book: The lion and the fox by Deepa Balsavar (English-Hindi)
This is from the Panchatantra series and is about a lion and a fox who are left with no food because of deforestation. So they decide to trap a man and how he finally realizes his folly. This book has such beautiful pictures and helps kids to understand how and why we should preserve the greenery around us.

20) An Inspiring book: The Wonderful things you will be by Emily Winfield Martin
This book needs no introduction. It’s an all time classic for kids which inspires them to be whatever they want and that the sky is their limit. It is a must have for all.

21) A book by your Favourite illustrator: The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson, Illustrated by Axel Scheffler
Julia Donaldson books are an all time hit and no list can be complete without them, but in this best seller book it’s Scheffler’s superb illustrations that make the gruffalo the popular monster. How does mouse fool fox, owl, snake and even the mighty gruffalo? The story teaches kids about being self-reliant and how size doesn’t really matter.

22) A book by your Favourite author: One fish Two fish Red fish Blue fish by Dr. Seuss
Nathan was really confused about this one but finally he decided on Dr. Seuss. The rhyming, silly text and charming illustrations keep you hooked (and ROFL) till the end! This book was one of the longest we had read at the time and I was quite surprised when he sat through it but since then we keep going back to it again and again.

23) A new author you were introduced to: I Won’t go with strangers by Dagmar Geisler
This book is about a little girl who has to wait for a long time for someone to pick her up from school. She meets her neighbours and people she knows but is it okay to go with any of them? Highly recommend this book to all kids who have just started school.

24) A book that helped address an issue: Being Curious can be tricky by Sonia Mehta
We bought this as a part of the Dealing with Feelings Set and we totally love all the books in it. This one is about crumble the cat who is extremely curious about everything and how she ends up in trouble because of it. This teaches our curious explorers to tread cautiously. The books also have activity pages at the end, which is a bonus.

25) A book on Potty humour: I need a new bum by Dawn Mcmillan
This book is a hilarious read which will have kids rolling in laughter from the beginning to end. Also, is a great book to talk about how we are perfect just the way God made us.

This book can be ordered from Scholastic India via our kbc storefront as well. Scholastic India always has special offers on.

26) An Interactive book with unconventional format: Farm Animals Mix and match by Sophie Corrigan
This picture book was an instant hit with us. The unconventional format helps kids make up their own farm animals with funny names and even funnier bodies. From goter to cog we are in splits every time we read this book. Also, it helps in phonics practice as they love how they make up new nonsensical animals!

27) A picture book with more than 40 pages: Germ Academy by Rea Malhotra Mukhtyar
This book has the most lovely illustrations and talks about how germs are all around us and what we can do to stay safe. Excellent read for introducing hygiene and explaining the pandemic to little ones. You can read a detailed review of the book HERE.

28) Hook book (by Duckbill): Hey Diddle Diddle by Anushka Ravishankar
Minooty has a new best friend, Susie and when she gets a calf she names her after her best friend. But, Susie thinks cows are stupid and so their friendship falls apart. In the end, it’s the calf that helps mend this friendship in an almost unimaginable way! This is our first Hook book and we’ll definitely be getting more. The simple text and beautiful pictures are bound to have kids and parents hooked.

29) A book on being Eco-friendly: One more does matter, Lana by David Howlett
This book is about a rabbit, Lana who believes in upcycling things and her neighbour Mr. Wolf who believes that is nonsense, so he keeps cutting trees saying one more doesn’t matter until he has no trees left and he realizes that after all one more did matter! A superb book to sensitize children about the need to conserve our environment.

30) A book that was gifted to you: Salty (Thomas and Friends)
We love all things train and this is a small book based on the TV series, that talks about how hard work always pays off. It was gifted to Nathan on his 4th birthday and he has always loved it.

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