Jan 132022
Review: The Sage With Two Horns – Unusual Tales From Mythology
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Title: The Sage With Two Horns – Unusual Tales From Mythology

Author: Sudha Murty

Illustrator: Priyankar Gupta

Publication: Penguin

Type: Paperback

Age group: 8/9+ years

Miss M (my 9 year old daughter), wrote this review to coincide with Asha Aunty’s birthday which we shared in the kbc facebook group.

The book is about various tales from Mythology (including The Sage with Two Horns)! The stories are interesting and many of them are not heard of before. There is also the story of the pious lady, Kannagi from Tamil Nadu that I have often heard from my appa.

I also want to tell you what my faaavvvoooorite story is. It is the Identical Nose Rings. It is about a woman named Sarasvati. Sarasvati looked happy from the outside but was unhappy from the inside of her heart. That is because her husband, Srinivasa Nayaka had a huge flaw, his miserly nature. This teaches Srinivasa Nayaka to abandon his behaviour. That is why I like this story so so so so much!

In these stories, I have one favourite character, Sage Agastya. Yup. He’s the one who taught the two demon brothers, Illvala and Vatapi a GREAT lesson! Sage Agastya used their own trick to destroy them. How clever!

I loved the book because it has a lot of unheard stories and they are all wowmazing! Also, the book cover is shiny and attractive.

The illustrations are by Priyankar Gupta and the sketches inside are brilliant.

I recommend this for those who are 8 years old or above and are interested in mythology.

P.S. All those spelling exaggerations, exclamatory marks and repeated words are not mistakes but intentional writing by Miss. M to express her excitement! How I wish I could explain it to Ms Word so it refrains from grammar suggestions every now and then!

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