Jan 032019
Review: Love You Forever
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Book: Love you forever

Author: Robert Munsch

Soft book

Ages: 0-6 years

My teacher read this very story to me when I was just in the first standard. Almost the same as my child’s age now. This story left such an impact on me that I never forgot it. As she read it each time I held on to the words.

After decades, I read this special story to my son. I even tried to read it exactly how my teacher read it to me.

It is a heart warming story of how a mother sings to her son as he grows over the years from an infant, young boy, teenager and then finally to a grown man. He moves out of the house across town. I get goosebumps when the same boy , now a man, goes back to his aged mother and sings the same song to her. When he returns to his home he also sings to his new born that very same song.

I sang it to my son “I like you forever. I love you for always….” the song continues.He listens quietly to the story and looks at the pictures with great interest. 

This is one every mother would love to read to her child. This one is for the pleasure of the mom reliving the cycle of life in the pages of a beautiful book.

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