May 152023
The power of words – Room To Dream [Review]
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Title: Room to Dream (Third Book in the Front Desk Series)

Author: Kelly Yang

Publisher: Scholastic

Type: Hardcover/Paperback

Pages: 320

Age Group: 9+ years

[I’m sharing this review written by my 12 year old son, Namit.]

Mia Tang returns in the third book in the Front Desk series. Mia’s parents decide it’s time to go to China to visit their relatives. Mia is thrilled to get the opportunity to go back to China, especially to see her cousin Shen. However, China has completely changed! There are skyscrapers, lots of cars, and McDonalds is amazing everyone. Her cousins think she’s not native enough, and she realises she’s losing her Chinese. Nevertheless, she’s glad for the opportunity to see her family again.

Little does she know, she’s about to write professionally, encounter reporters, deal with love, and a big surprise is waiting for her at the motel.

I really loved this book, and it continues the flow of the Front Desk series. It is hard to summarize, because just as in the other books, there are multiple problems happening at once. In addition to going back to China, she has to deal with Jason’s feelings for her, writing a Chinese column, deal with racism in school and work, and compete with megachains—all with words.

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