May 272019
Review: What a Great Fall and the Carnival Chaos!
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Book: What a Great Fall and the Carnival Chaos!

Told by: Santhini Govindan.

Book type: Paperback.

Publisher: Kids Media India.

Age: 2-4 years

We won this book from The Kids Book Café Review-a-Book Contest !

This is a fun loving story of Fafa and her little panda named Juno. They love to do something new each day. However they always end up getting into trouble. Though they also know how to celebrate life in their own adventurous way.

I really love the pictures that demostrate the story. My 2 year old toddler, Joy, loves to stare at these pictures imagining the story even when he is in bed.

Fafa and Juno take efforts to make a play house. However, listening to suggestions by a monkey and Mrs. Cawk, Juno has a great fall from a tree, resulting in his whole body bandaged and him being sent straight to bed!

In another story, they end up visiting a carnival where they both get lost. However, try hard to trace each other. This short story shows the eternal love Fafa and Juno have for each other.

Wait!! Not only stories, this book also has activities for toddlers which I am sure they would love to do.

If you are looking for a short story and some ice breaker activities, go for this one.

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