Apr 302019
Review: Peppa Goes Ice Skating
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Book from TV series Peppa Pig

Book: Peppa Goes Ice Skating

Publisher: Penguin group (Ladybird book)

Type: Board Book

Age group : 0-4 yrs

Kids love Peppa Pig as a cartoon character, but a book series, with almost same episodes, makes it even more fun. For my daughter, nothing is better than, having her Peppa in her hands. This book is all about Peppa’s experience while she goes for ice skating for the first time with Mummy Pig, Papa Pig and George.

While Mummy Pig teaches Peppa the art of skating, she keeps falling over and over, but gets the hang of it eventually. On the other hand, when Peppa tries teaching George how to skate, he turns out to be the best of all! He happily skates on the ice like a pro! So Peppa takes the pride of teaching George and gets credit for it!

This is a fun book with colourful pages. It has an easy-to-follow short story, divided in small paragraphs on every page with a cute baby loving font.

My daughter loves to carry it whenever we travel, she gets excited to see Miss Rabbit and her big stock of ice skating shoes. She demands the skating shoes from Miss Rabbit and says, “Please give me” ever so innocently. That’s a moment we will cherish from her toddler days…

Nowadays, this book is also our one of the bedtime stories because, as per my lil one’s logic, Peppa goes to sleep after skating. It’s a small good read for kids, and as a parent, I appreciate a book in hand rather than eyes glued to TV screen.

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Happy reading!

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  1. richa, i so love how little vedika is already in love with her books. and how you are trying to keep her away from screentime. may she always love books and become an early, ardent reader! keep reading and rocking!


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