Dec 102021
Review: Zayn & Zoey – The World of Birds
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Title: Zayn & Zoey – The world of birds

Author and Publisher: Zayn & Zoey Books (CURIOUS CONCEPTS PVT LTD)

Type: Board book

Age group: 0 – 3 years

‘The world of birds’ is our first ever Zayn & Zoey book and I am so glad we were given a chance to review it.

Zayn & Zoey are twins and are intrigued by the flying creatures they see around them. Mom tells them they are called birds and proceeds to describe the various types around. I was very impressed with the quality of the board book and its charming illustrations.

We do have another book on birds (part of the wonder house set) and I was not sure what new this book had to offer. But it is very different and a lot better; as kids get to learn a lot more than just the name of the bird.

Each page has rhyming text to describe the bird and its characteristics. So M now knows certain birds can’t fly, that the owl wakes up at night, that the hummingbird comes in various colors and can even fly upside down! M is especially intrigued with the flamingo standing on one leg and she quickly hops on one leg every time we read the page on flamingos. Well, she also does a small peacock dance when we read the page on peacocks!

We went to the mall over the weekend and 20 mins into our shopping M said “Mumma ghari chal. Asha aunty ni dilela world of birds vachu!” (Mom let’s go home and read the world of birds book that Asha aunty gave us!).

I am not exaggerating. She expressed her wish in full sentences and just wanted to go back home to her book. Need I say more about how good the book is?

Little ones would love to see the colorful illustrations in the book and the older ones would be fascinated by the information. I am now going to grab the other books in the set!

Just one tini-tiny negative point which could be improved. The first two pages gradually introduce us to what the book is about and also have birds on them. As an adult I know they are probably random bird drawings, but M wants to know what these birds are called. I wish the book had names for these birds as well.

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