Nov 072020
Tummy Time and High Contrast Books for Baby Time!
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Tummy time is the best time to watch your baby enjoy her/his me time while you get a few minutes to relax. Did you know that there are special Tummy Time books? Here are some recommended ones….

pc: Pooja Lodwal’s baby enjoying Baby Touch Tummy Time

Baby Touch: Tummy Time (board book)
One of the most popular tummy time books in our community! To quote Amardeep,

This book opens up and can be kept standing in front of the baby. So baby can look down.. and look up. It helps in developing neck strength while on the tummy.

Amazing Animals: Fold-out tummy time book 

Spot’s Tummy Time Pop-up Playmat

Tummy Time!: A fold-out book

TummyTime (R): Happy Baby

World of Wonder: Tummy Time Book and Growth Chart

Moomin Baby: Words Tummy Time Concertina Book

The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s Pop: Up Playmat 

TummyTime (R): Love Is All Around

TummyTime (R): Animal Parade

Tummy Time Friends: A Fold-Out Book

NEW RELEASE: It Had to Be You (A Love Poem Your Baby Can See) by Emmy Award winner Loryn Brantz

Bloomsbury Little Black and White Baby Books

Baby touch black and white books

Baby touch first focus books

Baby touch peekaboo books and tab books are equally interesting for babies to explore!

Baby Touch: Flip-Flap Book is one of the biggest hits with our kbc childoos even after they become active toddlers! Perfect for 0-2 years.

Water play mat for babies – these water play mats are great for tummy time too!! They get ordered very often and our parents recommend them big time.

Scholastic has some amazing BLACK AND WHITE HIGH CONTRAST BOARD BOOKS. CLICK OUR SPECIAL KBC SCHOLASTIC LINK to our kbc scholastic storefront and type BLACK AND WHITE in the search bar.

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