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Christmas Books to Jingle All The Way!
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Christmas is in the air and we all have our favourite Christmas reads! We frequently get queries about Christmas books so we’re sharing a curated list of everyone’s X’mas picks! Do share your favourites and we’ll add them here to the list!

pc: Achira

Asha associates The Wizard of Oz with Christmas as she grew up watching the movie every Christmas morning. Have you read this classic? Which books remind you of Christmas while growing up?

For 0-3 Years

Busy Christmas (0-3 Yrs)

Busy Santa (0-3 Years)

Elmer in the Snow 0-3 yrs

Elmer’s Christmas (0-5 years)

The Very Hungry Caterpillars Christmas EVE (0-3 Years) 

Llama llama Jingle Bells (0-3 Years)

Llama Llama Holiday Drama (2-5 years)

The Nutcracker (Campbell First Stories) for 1-5 years

Peppa’a Christmas (1-4 year)

Santa’s Busy Day (1-4 years)

Hurry, Santa! (1-5 years) – This should be super funny because Santa has to go to do some POTTY BUSINESS!!

Reindeer of the Year (1-5 years)

Little Reindeer Saves Christmas (1-5 Years)

Penguin’s Christmas Wish by Salina Yoon (1-5 years)

Dream Snow (2-4 years)

Peppa’s Frosty Fairy Tale (2-6 Years)

Mog’s Christmas by Judith Kerr for 2-5 years

I Went to See Santa (Bloomsbury) for 2-5 years

Lulu’s Christmas (everyone at kbc loves Lulu!!

For 3 – 7 Years

Yikes, Santa-Claws! (3-5 years)

The Unicorns Are Coming To Town (3-6 years) by Scholastic

Mr. Men Little Miss Christmas (Mr. Men and Little Miss) Box Set for 3-7 years – this boxset makes the perfect gift!

There are quite a few books with the Christmas theme in Mr Men and Little Miss series which can be bought individually.

The Christmas Show written by Rebecca Patterson. Quoting Achira:

A beautiful and touching story of a little boy whose class is preparing for a Christmas show. All his friends have some big part, one was an angel, one the king, one is narrator. But he feels he is almost nothing in this show! We he is there in a song but that is not big. After all the practice comes the big day and when they go on stage, all was going well till he sings in the wrong bit and then dances the wrong way! The show ends and some of his friends feel he shouldn’t have been in the show! But that doesn’t matter to him because his granny feels he was the best of all. He is happy.

What matters most is that our loved ones show us the appreciation. A lovely book that beautifully expresses that one might not be perfect but family is always there to love you. A little love from their loved ones can keep their confidence up!

Mince Spies by Mark Sperring (Bloomsbury). Amardeep has this book. Quoting her:

The book is actually a Christmas book, written like a thriller – all the treats in the supermarket are falling, Mince spies try to catch the culprits, and the culprits turn out to be sprouts who feel bad that all the kids eat just candy at Christmas time and not them. Santa delivers the perfect message for fussy eaters and spreading Christmas love. We’ve absolutely loved it.
[It doubles up as a book for fussy eaters as well.]

After 5 minutes of the cake, while we ate our dinner, he climbed up on the table and says, I think the spinach is feeling bad I abandoned it, I’ll eat a little. He proceeded to eat his entire dinner! The credit for this dinner time win, goes to this lovely book, Mince Spies.

Santas Jaws by Mark Sperring (Bloomsbury)

Amelie and Nanette: Snowflakes and Fairy Wishes (Bloomsbury)

Dinosaur Christmas (3-6 Years)

Best Christmas Book Ever! by Richard Scarry for 3-7 years

All the colors of Christmas (3-7 Years)

5 minutes Christmas stories (3-8 Years)

Lucky its not just a Christmas story (3-7 Years)

The Polar Express (3-7 Years)

The Sweet Smell of Christmas (3-7 Years)

Father Christmas needs a Wee unconventional but hilarious! for 3 yrs+ 

How the Grinch stole Christmas (4-9 Years)

The Nutcracker (5-7 years)

Horrid Henry Christmas Lunch book 29 (5-7 Years)

Hans Christian Andersen’s the little match girl (5-10 Years)

Christmas is by Gail Gibbons (5-8 Years)

The Holly Joliday (5-8 Years) is Asha’s daughter’s favorite Christmas Read

The Pug Who Wanted to Be a Unicorn for 5-8 years

Dasher (5-9 Years)

For 6-9 Years

In Santa’s Castle – A Faraway tree Adventure (6-8 Years)

Who stole Christmas Cake (6-8 Years)

Nate the Great & Crunchy Christmas for 6-9 yrs

Enid Blytons’s The Brave Soldier Boy (6 Years+)

The Christmasaurus for 7-9 years

Roald Dahl’s 12 days of Christmas (7-9 Years)

The Ice Monster (7-12 Years)

The Christmas Pig by JK Rowling (8-12 years)

A Christmas Carol : Illustrated Abridged Classics (Om Illustrated Classics) Hardcover (8-12 years)

For 12 Years and Above

Let it Snow (12- 15 Years)

Christmas Activity Books

My Christmas Sticker activity book

Christmas activity book for Kids

Peppa Christmas fun sticker activity

My Jolly Red Santa Activity & Sticker  book

My Christmas Coloring Book

SEEK and FIND Christmas

Agatha Christie for Adults

Agastha Christie Hercule Poirot’s Christmas  

Scholastic Books

Scholastic has many interesting books on Christmas. Once you click our kbc special scholastic storefront link – you can type CHRISTMAS in the search bar to find these awesome books.

Don’t Feed the Santa Claus (0-3 Years)

Christmas Stories (7-12 Years)

Essential Classics A Christmas Carol (7-12 Years)

Horrible Histories – Horrible Christmas (7-12 Years)

Ready Freddy A Very Crazy Christmas (5-8 Years)
Ready Freddy The Perfect Present (5-8 years)

Window Stickies Christmas (0-5 Years)

Christmas Jumper Coloring Book (2-5 Years)

My Lovely Christmas Book – Achira has this one and gifts it often!

Many thanks to Achira, Amardeep, Divya, Sabah, Anuradha and many others for sharing their recos.

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Reading!

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