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Review: Dum Dum To The Rescue & Yet More Adventures Of Little Shambu
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Author : Reena I. Puri
Illustrations: Savio Mascarenchas
Publisher: Puffin Books
Type: Paperback
No. Of Pages: 124
Recommend Age: 7+

This book is adapted from Tinkle original comics which is based on the same characters. It contains 5 short stories and one surprise comic.

Little Shambu lives with his parents Mama Shambu and Papa Shambu and his rescued pup Dum Dum, who is a loyal companion and good listener to Shambu😁. Shambu’s best friend Shanti lives near by and they go to school together.

In one of the stories, Mama Shambu and Papa Shambu were arguing about keeping poultry at their home to get eggs from happy and free hens. Mama Shambu won the argument so they built a coop and got five hens and rooster as pets. One day a fox sneaks in to feast on the happy hens and rooster. The family tries to chase away the fox but then the fox gets into an unused drainage tunnel. Shambu who is very compassionate towards animals, helps the fox escape along with Dum Dum.

Another story is about the class bully JJ who always picks on Shambu and Shanti (S&S). Now, S&S are very nice to teacher Yuri’s pet mouse Chuhi, who lives in a cage in the school lab. One day JJ opens the cage door and lets out the mouse. Everyone searches for her but no luck. Afterwards, JJ lures Shambu to have an arm wrestling match. During the arm wrestling match, Chuhi who was not really lost but around, secretly climbs into Shambu’s pocket and then jumps out making JJ lose his grip and Shambu wins the match.

Like these, every story in this book includes animals and teaches us how we should be kind towards them and protect them. You get to experience the adventures of Shambu and Dum Dum duo, including an encounter with an alien and saving circus animals.

Mahi’s favourite parts include Shambu and Dum Dum’s adventure where they rescue a circus animal which the circus owner kept against the law. He also loved the cartoon of how Shambu and Dum Dum met each other. The character names are cool and funny, especially the PE teacher – Mr. Stan D’atease and Dum Dum.

Initially just looking at the cover, I expected Shambu to be a naughty little boy who does naughty things. But I was wrong, and once again I learned not to judge a book by its cover.

The Adventures of Little Shambu is a series. Since it has short stories, children who are above six and independent readers might enjoy it the most.

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Disclaimer: Arul and her son are part of the #kbcReviewerSquad and received this book as a review copy from the publisher.

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