Jan 112023
Review: Makara Saves January
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Book Title: Makara Saves January
Author: Mariam KA
Illustrator: Sanjay Majumdar
Publisher: IkaRoa
Type: Paperback
Recommended Age: 4 plus for mythology enthusiasts, otherwise 5-8 years

My 5 year old took a sudden interest in mythology this past year but given that I have never read a book on mythology my entire life, I was quite lost on how to satisfy his desire to read more books in the genre. I was, therefore, quite happy when we received this book from IkaRoa for review.

‘Makara Saves January’ is an interesting story about seasons. The Throne of the Seasons is occupied by one month for 30 days, but King December (Paush) was so proud of his ability to freeze the entire land, that he refused to leave the throne. Princess January (Magha) was worried, and together with all the other months, she approached the legendary sea monster – Makara. Will Makara be able to convince Paush to leave the throne?

The story is written in a very easy to understand language and the story is extremely child friendly, keeping the children engaged from the beginning to the end. The story is made interesting by including elements that they would relate to like one month bullying others, and the others uniting together as a team. Of course, characters like the sea monster, and phrases like “What was the fun in handing over the throne just like that?”, make the story more exciting!

As a parent, I never thought mythology could be made so interesting. The author has conveyed the significance of Makar Sankranti and why it is celebrated all across the country, in a very easy to understand way. After reading the book, my son not only understood the significance of the festival, but he also understood that the Roman calendar we follow is different from the Hindu calendar! He often asks us whether the month now is Paush or Magha, and whether Makara has been successful as yet?! 

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Disclaimer: We are proud to be part of the #kbcReviewerSquad and received this book as a review copy from the publisher.

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