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Review: Sonia Mehta’s The Always Happy Series
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Series Name: THE ALWAYS HAPPY SERIES by Sonia Mehta and illustrated by Sunayana Nair for 3-6/7 years
Publisher: Wonder House Books
Type: Paperback
No. of Pages: 32 pages

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Sonia Mehta is no stranger to kbc members. In fact most of us are huge fans of her books especially THE DEALING WITH FEELINGS series! The Always Happy series published by Wonder House Books is her latest series that is creating a lot of buzz in our kbc community. Four of our members kindly reviewed the 4 books in the series!

Real fun is in not giving up!

Book Title: Driggety Droo The very Determined Dragon – A fun Story About Never Giving Up.

Achira reviewed this one:
We are huge fans of Sonia Mehta’s books. So when we got this one we were too excited and read it the very same day. We read and re-read this beautiful book and here is the review on behalf of my 5 yo Advit (Adu) who had help from his big brother in writing this review.

pc: achira

Meet Driggety Droo – A petrifying dragon who looked very fearsome with razor-sharp teeth, dagger like toes and knife-like scales. Sounds super scary right? But wait a minute – do you think everyone feared him a lot? The answer to this question is no, because he was surely a dreadful looking beast but he could not breathe fire like others. Instead, whenever he opened his mouth, out came bubbles and only bubbles.

This made him sad because he was like a blue rat in the middle of loads of red rats. No matter how hard he tried, he could not breathe out fire. Other dragons made fun of him instead of being scared of him. He tried all ways to learn to breathe fire but he failed every time.

Why do you think he could not breathe fire? Was he not a real dragon? Will Driggety Droo get demotivated, give up and throw in the towel? Or will he eventually learn to be a true fire breathing dragon? The story is about determination and hard work which is something that we all must learn in life.

The breathtaking illustrations and the rhyming text make it a fun read. And what Driggety learns at the end is something we all should remember for life.

There are other books in the Always Happy series by Sonia Mehta and are extremely relevant topics to teach very important life lessons to our little ones. We really loved reading this book and fell in love with Driggety Droo.

Fun, Spells and being Responsible!

Book Title: Winky The Careless Little Wizard – A fun Story About Being Responsible.

Girija has reviewed this book and her daughter Miss M loves it:

Winky is very very careless and is also the naughtiest wizard in the land of Dumble-dee-dim. He is the best spell caster around but does not put his gift to any good use. Instead, he uses his magic to pull tricks and make others miserable.

No amount of advice helps in stopping Winky’s tricks and one day he lands himself and others in a very big trouble. This makes Winky understand how his carelessness is affecting everyone and the importance of being responsible.

pc: girija

The book conveys its message through such a simple yet engaging story. Miss M was hooked to the storyline and the chirpy illustrations. The shoe turning into a pumpkin, honey coming out of witch’s nose, ice cream turning into a toad, all had M burst into peels of laughter.

We now have Winky references floating around the house throughout the day. The book has helped us make M understand what being responsible is.

If she now tries to crumble the newspaper – we tell how being careless with the newspaper will affect her grandpa who wants to read it. Or if she is shuffling the folded clothes, she is reminded of how Mumma has put efforts in folding them and how M should be responsible around it. Or if she is throwing food, or pinching, or basically doing anything else we don’t want her to do 😛

The places where we can put Winky to our use, are endless! And I am soo grateful to have received this gem from KBC.

Even if you think your child is too young to understand what being responsible is, the book makes for a good read. And I am sure you will be surprised how easily your child can grasp the context through the story.

With Friends, You Are Never Alone!

Book Title: The Always Happy Series: Alabaloo The Lost Alien – A fun Story About Making Friends

pc: asma

Asma reviewed this book this book for us and highly recommends it. In her words:

This is such an apt story when kids have to deal with friends moving away from apartment to friends changing schools where they need to be comfortable in new environments and make new friends. The illustrations of overwhelm that Alabaloo faces and joy he finds in new friends builds and instant connect with little reader. Gently rhyming story subtly encourages little readers to be open to new friends and teaches inclusion to existing group of friends to involve a new kid.

Now with every new place/ activity that Ruhani has to go alone, she is assured that with friends you are never alone.

Never give up!

Book Title: The Always Happy Series: Yuki the unicorn – A fun Story About Making The Most Of Things

Shraddha reviewed this book for us! To quote her:

What a story to teach kids about making the most of what they have rather than be sad for what they don’t have at the moment. Sometimes kids get much fascinated by what their friends and people around have that they forget to appreciate and value their own possessions. This story definitely boosts the morale of my little reader every time we read it. She makes sure to leave no stone unturned to achieve or fulfil the task assigned to her at school or at home.

pc: shraddha

This story is about Yuki, a unicorn who was always happy with all that was around: singing and strutting about. But one thing that often made her sad was that she couldn’t fly despite having wings like other unicorns did.

Not that she didn’t try! She did attempt umpteen times: flipped, flapped, leapt, and jumped but fell down with a thump.

Yuki was not able to come to terms with it. Once her friends planned a picnic on a cloud that Yuki was not a part of. She was really sad as she wanted to join them but she couldn’t fly. One of her friends noticed her being sad all the time. He along with other friends thought of an idea. Did it work? Was Yuki able to fly? Read the book to find out!!

This is a brilliant story which teaches that despite trying hard if something doesn’t happen, we should not take it to heart. We must appreciate and value what we have to make the most of it rather than be sad for what we don’t. We must remember we cannot get success in everything that we do but that should not stop us from trying.

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