Mar 252021
Kaavya’s PET-tale! #kbcPetUntrouble


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This is our entry for The #kbcPetUntrouble contest!


Hello Friends! I am Kaavya Sirohi, 6.5 years old. I love nature, birds and animals, especially dogs. When I was 2 years old we shifted to Gurugram from Mumbai. I was always fascinated by dogs on streets and everywhere around our society. But my mumma was very conscious not to take me close to them even though she herself is a big animal lover. She was worried for me, as I was too tiny.

When we shifted to Gurugram, I used to visit my Masi’s house in New Delhi, She has a Labrador retriever. His name is Gucci ❤, he was twice the size of me when I first met him. Masi told Gucci to be a good boy and be gentle with me, he listened to her then looked at me. Gucci wanted to hug me and lick me, I was little doubtful, so was my mumma. But then Gucci approached my mumma he put his paws on her lap and put his head on her shoulder. Mumma gave him a gentle hug, he turned around and walked towards me. I was excited now, he came close and sat next to me very gently wagging his tail.

Masi gave me his favourite treat to feed him to become best friends forever. He even shook paws with me! I told mumma want to take Guchoo home with me. Everyone was smiling and mumma promised me, we would visit him frequently. Gucci didn’t want us to leave, so he jumped on mumma and pushed her back on the couch and we all laughed. Gucci was over-excited.

Soon enough, on the weekend, we visited Gucci again, and found out that we have something in common, we both love bananas! So we had bananas together and masi taught me how to play fetch with Gucci.

He isn’t a fussy eater, so I can feed him anything. But i know he loves me alot and I love him too.

We watch TV together, we eat together and we play together. He is my Bestie, he is very caring.

At the same time he is very naughty – he loves to chew everyone’s chappals and sandals. He runs away with mumma’s chappal every time.

One thing which I don’t like about him is that he bites his leg continuously and ends up hurting himself. Then he can’t even walk! Masi video called us to show us what he did. I scolded him little and told Gucci that if he repeated this, I would never visit him. He understood.

Gucci is very intelligent and sensitive. He loves me alot, so he always listens to me. He also loves everyone else! Masi celebrates his birthday every year and cuts a special cake too. We pamper him with gifts, and he gives us return gifts too :). Gucci sends me Birthday gifts every year, his gifts are super special to me.

I thank God for bringing Gucci in my life, I request masi to send him to Gurugram for a vacation ( if not forever 😉 )

On my 5th Birthday I made pottery with Gucci on it with clay. Mumma promised me a puppy on my 8th Birthday, I am counting the days!

I am very happy and excited to share our story with you all. I know you all will fall in love with Gucci too.


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