Mar 172021
Review: The Bad Seed
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Title: The Bad Seed

Author: Jory John

Illustrations by: Pete Oswald

Type: Paperback

Age group: 3-8 years

There are times when you come across some books just by chance! This was one such find.

The Bad Seed (by Jory john, illustrated by Pete Oswald) is one seed that stands out among the others for doing all nasty things! Never keeping the things in place, late almost every time, cutting lines and telling lies for petty things.

While everyone hates him, they don’t know the story behind his being bad.

Gradually and slowly he tries to mend his ways and decides to be good, to be happy! Taking small steps and making little efforts to say thank you, sorry, please he starts changing. And yippie…he is not that bad anymore!

When I read this book with my boys (4 years and almost 8 years), they appreciated that it is not good to judge someone for being bad without knowing what made them like this. And it is important, really very important, to be nice to others and always do small things that make a lot of difference. The magic words can do all the magic!!

Jory John and Pete Oswald have created many such magical, must have books called THE FOOD GROUP series.
The Good Egg (The Food Group) is one of them.

There is a really fun series called DID YOU KNOW series by Hannah Eliot, Pete Oswald and others.

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