Oct 162022
Review: Inni And Bobo Go To The Park
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Book Title : Inni and Bobo Go To The Park

Authors : Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Kemmu

Illustrator : Rituparna Sarkar

Publisher : Puffin

Type : Hardcover

Pages: 32

Recommended age : 3-6 years

This excellent book by Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Kemmu is a definite pick for bedtime reading. The adventure of Inni and Bobo is about an entire day from morning to bedtime, gives us an experience of their exciting day in just one story and young ones are sure to fall asleep before Bobo does!

Inni is a little girl and her day starts with missing Bobo. Bobo, her puppy, who is the newest addition to the family, has been hiding under the bed afraid of his new home. Bobo is overjoyed to see Inni when she finds him under the bed.

As Inni continues with her morning activities, Bobo seems to be scared of every unheard sound such as water running from the tap. Inni carries Bobo affectionately near the tap to assure him it is nothing to be scared of.

Since it was Sunday – the family fun day, Inni chooses to go to the park so that Bobo can play. Inni gets dressed in her favourite outfit. As they reach the park, Inni discovers that Bobo is afraid of these new surroundings and so he won’t play. It’s now upto Inni to gain Bobo’s trust and make sure he has an amazing day at the park. How Inni comforts Bobo during this excellent adventure is definitely something to note.

Besides the comforting story for a fearful situation and the affectionate bond within a family that include pets, we thoroughly enjoyed the illustrations which are cute and magical – especially that of the park. Two friends flying a kite, two others doing yoga under a tree, a girl buying ice cream, a man reading a book beside a fountain, an old man resting on a bench, and many other actions can be noticed by a child in this particular page.

This page happens to be the scene where Inni and Bobo lay down on the grass and watch other people and, not just them, we too thoroughly enjoyed watching others play in the park. Another favourite scene of this book is the one where Inni and Bobo along with their parents watch the dazzling sunset in silence.

So apart from the interesting storyline, there are many objects to spot which keep kids engaged for a long time on each page.

We love our visits to parks and sunset view locations and this book was totally relatable. We thoroughly enjoyed it. If you wish to grab this book too, do click the red button below (kbc amazon affiliate link). Be sure to put on your favourite dress to set off on an adventure with Inni and Bobo as you receive this book….

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