May 082024
How To Win An Election: A Most Unreliable Guide [with a reliable review!]
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Book Name: How to Win an Election: A Most Unreliable Guide
Author: Menaka Raman
Publisher: Duckbill (an imprint of Penguin Random House India)
Type: Paperback
No of pages: 232 pages
Recommended Age Group: 10 years+

I’m sharing my 11 year old son Divit’s review. As you can see, he really enjoyed the book and read it enthusiastically!

When I got this book to read and review I didn’t know much about elections and how they are important in choosing the right government. So I got intrigued and did some Google research about India and democracy.

How to win an election (a most unreliable guide) written by Menaka Raman is a story revolving around elections in a school. It’s not a lesson in Civics. But it’s a must read!

Elections were right around the corner in Sachin’s school, and he wanted to participate! He eagerly asked his teacher Habiba Ma’am if he could and handed over his nomination papers. But he was heartbroken when he was informed that he wouldn’t be able to participate with such a poor discipline record. Since he couldn’t participate, he decided to help his best friend Mini get elected. Mini was an ambitious girl who planned to change the world when she grew up. So Sachin quickly offered to be Mini’s campaign manager and Mini had no choice but to reluctantly agree.

Sachin got to work by forming a rap song about tacos, and persuaded Mini to advertise herself by saying, “A vote for Mini is a vote for Taco Tuesdays!” Obviously, everyone loved tacos, so Sachin assumed and assured Mini that it would help her gather a lot of votes.

 After what seemed like eternity, the finalists for the elections were released. Luck was on Mini’s side and Mini was one of them! But things started to go downhill when the menacing Vamsi Sir tore down Mini’s poster saying it was “against school policy.” Furthermore, there was a menacing mystery villain who wrote rude raps on the bathroom mirrors, blackmailed people into doing what he needed, all while hiding his identity! Now, without a poster, Mini would barely accumulate any votes. So the big question was – how would Mini win the elections? Would Sachin be able to help Mini win?

I loved the book because the plot around school elections was very relatable. Also I learnt a lot about various “politics” involved around the entire election process. How one makes promises to lure the voters into voting for them. How one manipulates other parties to make things work for them. I felt at one point that the whole essence of democracy gets lost in some way. But then there are good sides also. I also learnt how teamwork can make you come out of tacky situations. How it is important to have friends who have your back no matter what. 

If you enjoyed this review and wish to join Mini’s election campaign, you can order the book from Amazon (kbc affiliate link), and thank me later!!


Disclaimer: Achira and her sons are part of the #kbcReviewerSquad and received this book as a review copy from the publisher via kbc.

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